FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce

FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce


FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce (former name is WOOCS) is WooCommerce multi currency plugin, that allows your site visitors switch products prices currencies according to set currencies rates in the real time and pay in the selected currency (optionally). Ideal solution to make the serious WooCommerce store site in multiple currencies! Currency Switcher is available as with shortcode [woocs] so with the widget.

The plugin is sold on the but has the free version on too.

FOX - Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce (former name is WOOCS) is WooCommerce multi currency switcher plugin, that allows your site visitors switch products prices currencies according to shop admin preferences in the real time and pay in the selected currency (optionally). FOX allows to add any currency to WooCommerce store, even cryptocurrency, and even not existent one! Ideal solution for building strong WooCommerce store site with multiple currencies!

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Briefly professional shop manager should has next tools

[Manage checkout by selected currency] - (optionally if shop admin desire) the store manager can decide whether the buyer will pay in the currency of his choice or in the base currency of the store

[Manage checkout by GeoIP rules] - the same as Prices based on Country, the store manager can decide whether the buyer can pay in the currency of the country in which he (buyer) is located
Woocommerce Currency Switcher Payments rules

[Manage fixed prices currency rules and amounts rules] - the store manager can predetermine fixed product prices for each currency that do not depend on the exchange rate

[Manage prices based on User Role] - the store manager can set product prices based on the user's role. Useful for stores where there is a gradation of users according to the hierarchy

[Manage payments rules] - store manager for each currency can set its own payment method
Woocommerce Currency Switcher Payments rules

Moreover WooCommerce Currency Switcher also has

[Smart Designer] on board - interactive designer allows you to create a currency switcher drop-down that matches the design of your store
Woocommerce Currency Switcher Smart Designer

[Rates auto update] - the store manager decides whether to update the exchange rates or not, and if so, sets the update period

[Set custom money signs] - the store manager can enter a variety of currency symbols that do not even exist in reality, for example, for the currency of a gaming store

[Individual GeoIP rules for each product] - store manager can set individual currency rules for each product

[Statistic by currencies switching and orders] - FOX provides a tool for analyzing what currencies are used by clients, statistics take into account both switched currencies and order currencies

[Set custom price formats] - the order of the elements of the price of the product is regulated by the special syntax of the plugin in its settings

[Compatible with caching plugins] - by activating a special option, it becomes possible to show the current currency on the cached pages of the store

[Ready for use on mobile devices] - currency switcher works great on mobile devices

[Work fast with less queries to DataBase] - to recalculate product prices according to the selected currency, 1 request to the database is used by FOX

[DEV API] - to achieve individual business goals of the store, FOX has a rich API

FOX - Woocommerce Currency Switcher

FOX - Woocommerce Currency Switcher

BIG list of WooCommerce Currency Switcher Benefits

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is available as the widget and as the shortcode . You can insert shortcode in any place of your shop, even in the top menu.

Also the plugin has ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency converter and ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency rates

Graphically WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be represented in some ways: drop-down, flags images, side switcher, a button. For each currency it is possible to set flag in its options. For each currency it is possible to set flag.

The customers are allowed to pay in their selected (preferred) currency. This feature has name "Is multiple allowed" and should be enabled in the plugin settings.

More than 7 currency aggregators for automatic currency rates changing. Also admin can set rates manually if it’s necessary! Optionally admin can be noticed about currency rates changes by email.

 Rates auto update
Update currency rates hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly, monthly, each 5 minutes, each 15 minutes, each 30 minutes, each 45 minutes. Or you can disable it and set your own currency rates by hands!

Currency Wizard
Search and add multiple currencies with all data: flag, rate, sign, description, etc.

Set price format which fit your needs – decimals count, regular money sign or custom money sign, money sign position (4 variants). You can show or hide cents for each currency optionally. For each currency you can set its own count of decimals after comma, so BTC is not the problem for this plugin

 Custom money signs
Create and use your own money symbols for your business logic. It is even possible to use a currency which not exists in the reality!

 Custom price formats
Each currency can has its own format, where price and money sign can be set on the side you want

 Price thousand and decimal separator
Set price separators depending of the currency or any business logic (for example country) using hooks woocs_price_thousand_sep AND woocs_price_decimal_sep

 Smart Designer
Allows to create multi currency drop-down switcher using convenient dashboard. You can create unlimited count of drop-downs designs for different places of your site and even insert them directly into the site code.

Collect currency switching statistic for business purposes. No any private data of customers collects, only currency, country and time of switching. Also included the statistic about orders currency.

 Currencies visibility
Possibility to set currency as Public or as Private. In private mode currency is not published in the switcher and user cannot set it by link through '?currency=XXX'

 Payments rules
Rules to hide/show payment gates on the checkout page depending of the current currency

 Welcome currency
Allows to set a currency you want for your shop visitors first visit. So if your shop currency is INR and you want let your customers on their first visit see prices converted to USD you just need to set "Welcome currency" in FOX options as USD.

 Individual prices based on User Role
Gives ability to set different prices for each user role in basic currency. Very power feature for your shop customers with loyalty program

 Individual GeoIP rules for each product
"WooCommerce Price Based on Country" - super feature which allows to set for different countries different prices

 Individual fixed prices rules for each product
Feature which allows for each product set fixed price for each currency, in this case for the product will not be applied conversion by rate, watch video

 GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection
This feature is targeted and allows to set currency of prices for the site visitors in their native currency when they visited the shop for the first time. Currency changes automatically according to the visitor IP, and even more – if to enable option ‘Checkout by GeoIP rules‘ your customers always will pay for products in their local currency!

Fixed minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
Allows to set minimum amount for FREE delivery as fixed value for each currency

Fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency
Allows to set minimum amount for shipping as fixed value for each currency

Fixed amount for coupons for each currency
You can set different amounts in coupons of your shop for different currencies. Otherwise (regulary) the system will calculate amount according to the currency rate relative to the basic currency

Fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount for each currency
For different currencies you can set different fixed verification amount instead of calculation by rates relative to the basic currency

 Show approximate price
Shows approximate price on the shop page and the single product page with a currency defined by user IP using GeoIP rule, if such a rule exists. Works only with currency rate data and NOT with fixed prices rules and geo rules. If system will define by GeoIP rule visitor country and visitor will switch currency – he/she always will see near the product price approximate price in his/her local currency.

 Show approximate amount
Shows approximate amount on the checkout page and on the cart page in currency defined by user IP according to the GeoIP rule if such a rule exists. Works only with currency rate data and NOT with fixed price rules and geo ip rules.

 Compatibility with cache plugins
If your site uses a cache plugin - enable option "I am using cache plugin on my site", reset the site cache and from now your shop visitors can switch currencies without any problems!

 Orders keeps in the currency of the deal
If option "Is multiple allowed" is enabled - each order in your shop is in currency a customer paid

 New order currency
Ability to set currency for a new order which is created through admin panel by hands

 Order recount
Ability to recount order from any currency to the basic currency in multi currency mode of the plugin

 Price info icon
Info icon near the price of a product is shown, and while its under mouse hover - tooltip appears and show prices of a product in all other currencies

 Shortcode <span class="woocs_price_code" data-product-id="381"><span class="woocommerce-Price-amount amount"><bdi>36,00<span class="woocommerce-Price-currencySymbol">$</span></bdi></span></span><div class="woocs_price_info"><span class="woocs_price_info_icon"></span><ul class='woocs_price_info_list'><li><span>EUR</span>: <span class="woocs_amount">€ 32,76</span></li></ul></div>
Allows to insert a product price (switchable) directly into shop promotion articles

 Prices without cents
Recount prices without cents for such currency like JPY or TWD which by its nature have not cents. Test it for checkout after setup!

✔ Ability to set currency for new order which created through admin panel by hands

✔ Ability to recount order from any currency to the basic currency in multi currency mode of the plugin

Possible to change currency according to the language
If your site using WPML or Polylang plugins and by business logic you want to set currency according to the current language it is possible with FOX API

 Currency in link
✔ FOX understand currency in the site links like

 No params in the link
Switches currency without link params like "?currency=USD" (optionally)

 Currency storage
For site admin: FOX provides set of mechanisms to storage user selected currency on different hosting architectures: Session, Transient, Memcached, Redis

 Wide API
For site developer: Advanced API functionality set allows to manipulate with prices and their rates on the fly using conditional logic

 Easy to use for administrators and shop customers
Install it, set currencies settings within 5 minutes and let your shop make more money!

✔ Compatible with WPML

✔ Compatible with HUSKY - Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

✔ Compatible with WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

✔ 95% compatibility with different payment gates in multi currency mode, just try it!

✔ We do compatibility according to our special program FOX LABS

 PHP 8.x full compatibility

Strong technical support, which each day works with tones of code!

DON'T DOUBT! Install WooCommerce Currency Switcher simply just now without purchasing!

  • Go to your site plugins page
  • Press "Add new Plugin" button
  • In the search input write next string: FOX
  • You will see WooCommerce Currency Switcher - Install and activate it!
  • Use it for free if only 2 currencies is enough for your site - all features are unlocked there
  • Read this if you want let your customers pay in theirs selected currency
  • Troubles? Issues? Do you need something specific? ASK SUPPORT HERE AND WITHIN 24 bussiness hours YOU WILL GET THE ANSWER!

Compatible with most of the plugins

FOX is tested with page builders: Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Divi theme and builder, Themify builder,
Oxygen builder. Also should be compatible with all other page builders, you can test it for free. FOX also compatible with WPML plugin.


Sure incompatibilities happens, for such cases FOX has special cost-free programm "FOX LABS"

FOX Options List


  • Select flag
  • Currency code
  • Select currency sign OR add your own
  • Select currency sign position
  • Set currency rate or use rate from currency aggregators
  • Set your interest %
  • Set each currency decimals
  • Set each currency separators
  • Set each currency front visibility
  • Show or hide cents for each currency


  • Set Welcome currency for new site-visitors
  • Set Currency aggregator
  • Set how to storage currency on the site
  • Set preferable Rate auto update period
  • Set Custom currency symbols if you need, even one created by you (gaming)
  • Set Custom price format, how to display prices to your customers
  • No GET data in link - if you do not want to see on the link after switching "?currency=USD"
  • Show or hide money symbols on the site front drop-down
  • Show info icon near the price of the product
  • Email notice about "Rate auto update" results
  • Hide switcher on the checkout page, if it is necessary
  • Show approximate amount on the checkout page and the cart page with currency of user defined by IP
  • Show approximate price on the shop page and the product single page with currency of user defined by IP
  • If your site uses cache plugin enable "I am using cache plugin on my site"
  • Disable on pages - Disabling FOX on the described pages only


  • Customer will pay using selected currency (Yes) or using default currency (No)
  • Individual fixed prices rules for each product
  • Individual fixed amount for coupon
  • Individual fixed amount for shipping
  • Individual prices based on user role
  • Individual GeoIP rules for each product
  • Statistic - Collect currencies switching statistic for business purposes. No any private data of customers collects
  • Payments rules - Hide or show payments systems on checkout page depending of the current currency

Payments rules

  • Payments behavior
  • Check payments
  • Cash on delivery

GeoIP rules

  • For each currency select countries


  • Currency
  • Orders
  • Calendar
  • Chart type: bar
  • Chart type: pie

Smart Designer

  • Section where you can create your own view of currency switcher drop-down

Side switcher

  • Skin
  • Side
  • Top margin
  • What content to show in the switcher after the site page loading
  • What content to show in the switcher after mouse hover on any currency there
  • Show on the pages
  • Hide on the pages
  • Behavior for devices: Show / Hide on mobile device (highest priority)
  • Main color
  • Hover color

Translation and Localization

*.pot file is generated inside of the plugin, and its allows you to translate the plugin into any language.
Do it for example by Loco Translate plugin OR by Poedit


Can I use PayPal?

Sure, FOX always could work with PayPal

What about Stripe?

Yes, but if your stripe plugin (a lot of them exists) doesn work you can always request FOX LABS. Use free version to test.

My plugin doesn work with FOX, what to do?

You can always request FOX LABS

Everytime I go to checkout and then back to homepage the currency switches back to default currency

If you want to accept payments from the customers in their selected currency you should set in tab Advanced 'Is multiple allowed' to 'Yes'.

How to add different text to prices with different currencies?

Use in tab Options "Custom money signs" option

How to add its own custom currency aggregator?

Use hooks woocs_announce_aggregator and woocs_add_aggregator_processor

How to add order manually?

Create order -> press Save button -> select currency of the order -> press Save button -> and only now add products into the order

How to drop woocommerce currency switcher in menu?

Read the article please

How to force any currency on the checkout page?

Read the article please

How to hide payment gateway on checkout?

Use options in tab 'Payments Rules' of the plugin settings page

How to round price to 50 cents?

Read the article please

How to round price to 99 cents?

Read the article please

I cant add flags! What to do?

Read the article please

Where to get flags for free?

Get it here


Still not convinced? Download it now for FREE and take it for a test drive on our own site!

free version

Of course FOX comes with comprehensive online documentation for any of those niggling
questions, including a dedicated section on working with the API and custom sections for
developers, how to setup your front­end and use Shortcodes as well as Tips & Tricks for getting
the most out of your new plugin

This plugin is part of "WooCommerce Business Tools Bundle"


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  128. great
  129. Great plugin, really helped boost sales by having the customers own currency rather than having to convert themselves. Looks very neat on site, easy to use and great customers support too! Recommended.
  130. The plug-in makes light work of a very complex process. It's easy to set up and integrate into your design. With a plug-in that handles such a critical aspect of your website, it's important to have good support. I'm pleased to say the developer support with this plug-in is 'first class' and well deserving of the 5-star rating.
  131. Works with Woof
  132. Fantastic work and most practically useful currency switcher with superb customer service who has given me great support in bug fixing and how to use the add-on with friend-like experiences!
  133. This plugin is great. Support is fantastic! Whatever I needed to change, realmag777 was ready to help me. Don't even wait for purchasing it. It's effective, cheap and "a must have" for any eCommerce website. Mario, Slovakia!
  134. Superb plugin! Even for a newbie in Woocommerce it did exactly what I needed and was easy to install and customise. The best and only solution to what I needed for my shop. Customer support was fantastic, and my minor technical issue was addressed and resolved within 24 hours. Brilliant! Definitely recommended.
  135. Great plugin, easy to use, good documentation and prompt support. Why doesnt every plugin developer offer a free version to test compatibility??