Taxonomy Chain Menu

Taxonomy Chain Menu
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Taxonomy Chain Menu – is simple WordPress plugin with one shortcode only which allows you to create chain menus with any type of taxonomies.

 Demo page 1  Demo page 2

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Product Description

Taxonomy Chain Menu – is simple WordPress plugin with one shortcode, which allows you to create chain menus with any type of WordPress taxonomies.

Terms should be presented as: 

Shortcode: [pn_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' term_id=0 exclude='36,12' watch_view='posts' show_count=1 button_title='Watch It' target='_blank']


  • post_slug – which post slug to use in the chain menu. Default slug is 'post'.
  • taxonomy – terms of which taxonomy to navigate. Default taxonomy is 'category'.
  • term_id – started term ID, 0 means all.
  • exclude – which terms to hide from the chain. For example: 34,72,65.
  • show_countvalues: 1 or 0 - show count of posts in the terms or not. Default values is 0.
  • button_title – title for the button of selected post/terms at the end of the chain. By default it is 'GO!'.
  • target – how to open selected post/terms. Default is '_self' - opening in the same tab. To open in another tan set: '_blank'
  • watch_viewvalues: 'posts' or 'terms'.  What to show if to press button 'GO!' on the end of the chain.

 Demo page 1  Demo page 2  Questions?


  1. Pablo Borysenco (verified owner)

    Yes! I really looked for such script for my site! Thank you!

  2. Stenio (verified owner)

    It works but how do i do tuo the horizontal chain not vertical as default

    • admin


      If you have vertical layout – that is mean you drop shortcode in the very narrow container, as by default all drop-downs is on the same line as you can see on this page ( )

      Write request on support please with exact link of your site where shortcode is placed …

  3. N.C.Info – Novas Ciencias Inform., Unip. (verified owner)

    I have 2 queries:
    1.After the third query regarding the categories of the posts, the results button (Watch-it) does not appear, therefore no results are shown.

    2. To add to the post sent by Stenio, how do we place the requests in a horizontal layout as per your demos?
    Each field takes up the entire row…


    • admin


      Sorry for delay, usually I got support requests from so please write your answers/questions here

      1) Maybe js error on the site, so I need link to see, drop it in support request please
      2) The same I need link to see CSS of your site as by the plugin rules all drop-downs are in horizontal position. Its simple so by little CSS snippet it will be resolved

  4. J.G. (verified owner)

    The shortcode works well in the right widget area of my WordPress website:

    See screenshot:

    But if I use the shortcode outside the widget area then it not displays the Taxonomy Chain Menu.

    How to display or is there an html code to insert the Taxonomy Chain Menu on a normal WordPress page (so not as widget)?



    • admin

      Hello Joris

      Create test page and drop there in text editor shortcode: [pn_chain_menu post_slug='product' taxonomy='product_cat' watch_view='terms' show_count=1 button_title='Watch It' target='_self'] and if not still visible drop me link to that page, I think its hidden by CSS of your site wp theme and I will find the reason

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