How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites With wpCentral? 

Being a developer or a designer of websites, it becomes difficult to manage each one of them separately. If you happen to be developing your websites using WordPress, you are lucky to have a WordPress plugin named wpCentral, which helps you to organize all your websites from single dashboard. You don’t have to remember the… read more

  How to reset page cache in the browser 

press CTRL+R CTRL+F5 Ctrl+Shift+R Apple + R or command + R (apple) in Chrome browser the best way is: Open the developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I Now, leaving the panel open, left click on the “Update” button (next to the address line) and do not release the button. After a few seconds, you… read more

  How to remove type=”text/javascript” from WordPress site 

Install this plugin: Enable in its options wp-admin/options-general.php?page=autoptimize ‘Optimize HTML Code?’ In file functions.php of your current wp theme apply next code

Do not forget in $site_url change link to your site link without slash on its end  

  How to make auto-update for WordPress plugins and themes bought on Envato 

Install next plugin: – this plugin helps customers receive updates to the premium Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon). Do next steps: Install the plugin on your site Go to Enter token name there, any words you like, or set of random symbols Below entered token-key select any services you want,… read more

  How to add WordPress user using php code 

Sometimes its necessary to create new user on WordPress site using PHP code. Below is code which will make this work …

  Is key exists in JavaScript object 

If its necessary to define is item with any key exists in the JavaScript object …

  How can I count a JavaScript object’s attributes? 

To count how many attributes is in the JavaScript object we can use next code:

  Emmet using demonstration 

Basics of emmet …

  Build URL query in WordPress based on an associative array 

Creating URL using PHP associative array …