Disable xml-rpc in WordPress 

Disabling the XML-RPC API on a WordPress site running 3.5 or above. …

  .htaccess 301 redirect 

If you changed a post permalink and you want to let old one works fine, in your WordPress site .htaccess file add next line:

Where ‘/about’ is old relative URL and ‘http://example.com/about-me’ new URL  

  Create array containing variables and their values 

If its necessary pass to the function a lot of variables – its possible compact them into associative array by next function …

  Memory and time limits for wordpress 

Using next code in wp-config.php file is possible to allow WordPress use more memory for its processes and increase the process performance time:

  How to properly strip all HTML tags including script and style 

If its necessary to clean all HTML tags and JS scripts from any content next PHP function will do the job …

  How to remove specific element from JavaScript array? 

Using JavaScript function ‘splice’ for removing items from JavaScript array …

  Wrap all items of array in quotes – PHP 

If we have associative PHP array and its necessary print it in JavaScript array, we ca use next PHP code:


  Unserialize PHP value only if it was serialized 

If its necessary to check is string we got is serialized array and unserialize it if its true …

  Call a PHP callback function with an array of parameters 

If its necessary, for example in any PHP loop (foreach) using any defined logic call specialized function with arguments by that logic –  next code will do it: