MDTF – WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter Plugin

MDTF – WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter Plugin


WordPress Meta Data Filter & Taxonomies FilterMDTF – WordPress filter plugin has very high flexibility and for now it is the most comprehensive solution for making content searchable by meta fields AND taxonomies among WordPress plugins on and!

The plugin is sold on the but has the free version on too.



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  1. This a really GREAT plugin that can transform the way users can interact with site! A must have!
  3. The developer is awesome, and provides great support. I have multiple plugins from the same developer.
  4. EXCELLENT Support, I had a lot of questions about settings, customisation, code, design... For each question he explains to me the process and when I was lost he found the solution. I highly recommend it Un travail excellent, et le service est au rendez-vous, Je suis loin de maitriser le code, j'ai quelques notions de base. J'ai eu pas mal de problèmes de configuration, j'ai suivi tous les tutos j'ai galèré pendant 1semaine et je décide finalement de le contacter, au final il me trouve la solution (problème sur le archive.php de mon theme WP) Il l'a réglé rapidement. Je le recommande vivement
  5. Thanks for the plugin. It very flexible. Support excellent
  6. The plugin is great. But the main reason of 5 stars, is the support : realmag777 is available...with him, everything seems simple and with a solution at the end...Thank you. He is probably the best support of plugins i have purchased..
  7. all is perfect. pluging is perfect, this guy is perfect support is perfect....
  8. Amazing plugin and its support. Always ready to help.
  9. Awesome plugin !
  10. Fantastic features + support!
  11. In all cases, this plugin is great!! But, like all advanced plugins, sometimes a little help is needed. In this case, the developer is amazing!! Realmag has always been there to assist and make the plugin function correctly!
  12. This plugin works and it has nice customer support. Thank you for the author! In case this information helps who is reading, I have used it in a site without Woocommerce, in a Studiopress Genesis theme. The plugin has many features and options, I didn't need to use all of them in my project. I would buy it again if I needed in a future project. Because it has many possibilities of use, it is not a super simple plugin, but the author answers your questions if you you have them and the plugin has a test version available for download in
  13. This is a great plugin. It has really helped me do exactly what I wanted to do with a list of products I had placed on my site. Thank you for all the videos and support realmag777. You have really done some great work and you truly know your stuff. :)
  14. The plugin works well once set up. There is a lot of documentation that can help. When the MDTF Filter is active, there are several unsolved issues. "WooCommerce Products per Page" plugin, WooCommerce Sort function, and hooks related to Woocommerce's before_shop_loop may not work when the MDTF filter is active. I highly encourage you to try/test before you buy. Your Woocommerce customizations may not be compatible with this plugin. (Note that there is a WooCommerce specific plugin available by the same author which does not offer functionality for custom meta fields (ie. Advanced Custom Fields ACF) but might have less incompatibilities when using that plugin.)
  15. Un soporte de usuario perfecto. Ha solucionado todos mis problemas en un santiamén. Muchísimas gracias :)
  16. great support, functionality, flexibility. Thanks for this great plugin for filtering data on wordpress site.
  17. The plugin might be a little quirky and take some practice, but the developer was very willing to help and provide support. The developer was willing to work on a clone of our website to see what needed to be done to make the plugin work.
  18. Great plugin and good, fast service support. I advise!
  19. A good plugin and an excellent support :) I had some problems and I had a quicker response from the support. 100% recommendable!
  20. Excellent Support
  21. The best meta data & taxonomies filter plugin I've ever use + perfect support + bilingual customization videos! Thank you very much
  22. Works!
  23. Great Plugin - VEry Flexible Good Documentation - You need to watch the videos to understand the workflow
  24. Really nice plugin for difficulte sourch options. Just that what we needed. With great and fast support. thanks
  25. very goog plugin for filtering your CPT and youy posts
  26. Мне все нравится. Очень гибкий фильтр
  27. Plugin very good for complete filters. Quality of support and empathetic. Recommended for custom projects.
  28. Great plug and great support from Realmag777!
  29. Great customer support with this plugin, quick to answer to any issues.
  30. This is a very good and helpful plugin to built up a fast searchfilter. There could be more customizing options and more design options. Support is also very good and helpful!
  31. i love this plug in as it has brought my site to a new level, given the videos are hard to follow i made this work and i have little to no experience. bang for the buck this is the only filter i have found that actually works! highly recommended
  32. This may be a powerful plugin, but using it is very complex if you want to do something else than the absolute basic stuff. The documentation is rather extensive, but also rather badly structured and have poorl visual design, the language is mediocre, and many pictures in the docs are poor quality, small or missing. The author seems to be very helpful, and intelligent, but since he is Ukrain his English is not very good. Especially in the videos (which are very helpful in themselves), his heavy accent and mispronunciation of words often makes it very hard to understand him. I like the author, and I want to like this plugin, but all the above makes it too hard and annoying for me to use.
  33. The customer support is more than excellent providing accurate solutions fast. The plugin works flawlessly as advertised. Thank you :-)
  34. All work great and the support is awesome
  35. Author get in my wordpress account and check my settings to get the plugin working fine... stunning!
  36. Great plugin with great and immediate suppport!
  37. Very kind and fast support! And a very helpfull Plugin, too. Thank you
  38. Great plugin. Well documented and very customizable.
  39. Excellent customer service.
  40. Really good addition to my wpress e-commerce plugin arsenal..Responsive seller,good communication!
  41. great plugin and great support! Thanks!
  42. Great !
  43. FIrst of all this plugin is the only one that does the whole trick for me. Second reason to give 5 stars is because of the support that I got from Rostislav, the developer. It was super good and very fast.
  44. Great tool for big Shopsystems, i love it! not very simple to implementate, but it works perfect! Support is awsome. Thx!
  45. Excellent support
  46. It's really awesome. I tested many taxonomy filters. And This is the best. You can make professional taxonomy filter easy with this. Futhermore, Plugin Support is excellent. My theme had some problem with this plugin, But plugin author's reply was very fast and so kind. Problems get solved clearly. I recommend this plug in!
  47. - Very powerful and customizable plugin. - Author provided quick support (although it lacked a bit of details) and problems were solved swiftly. - Shortcodes and widgets do the job - Newbies (like me) be ware, this plugin needs a steep learning curve. - The documentation is a bit hard to understand, but it is quite detailed with many demos, screenshots and videos.
  48. Excellent job
  49. The best custom filters for Wordpress and Woocommerce. Top notch support!!
  50. Happy with everything. Rapid support when you need it most. The plugin is worth the money!
  51. Great support, great plugin. Bester Worpress filter you can get right now.
  52. Fantastic plugin. This plugin really saved me a lot of custom development time and is the only plugin I found to achieve filtering through product categories and product variable attribute data using AND category joins. Note that it is very confusing to use at first, but well worth persevering. The video tutorials are a must-watch to fully understand and setup the plugin correctly, but once you 'get it', the plugin is a breeze to use.
  53. reliability and excellent support, nice plug-in I highly recommend it!!! .
  54. It filters almost everything!
  55. Great plugin and support!
  56. It isn't the easiest to wrap your head around, but what it does is brilliant
  57. The plugin is very powerful and the developer really help me to make it work . I recommend this plugin to all the world.
  58. Great support! Awesome filter!
  59. Absolutely fabulous plugin. The feature set is the best available for Woocommerce. But the support that the author provides is amazing. Fixed the ajax filtering for my theme even though my theme had some necessary codes missing. You just cannot go wrong with the plugin and the author. :)
  60. The plugin functions well. And for any glitches the suport from realmag777 is supperb and always helpfull.
  61. Very active, obstinate & patient. Good plugins! thanks
  62. Works great and very good support! Very good!
  63. Comprehensive plugin, solves my problem.
  64. excellent plugin with excellent support from developer
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  66. Could only pick one reason for the 5 star review, but actually it is two: amazing quality plugin AND amazing customer service. One of the most powerful plugins out there - truly remarkable!! Thank you! :)
  67. The developer is listening and really responsive.
  68. Awsome customer support after I had a few issues with the setup of this plugging, couldn't have asked for a better service - well done and thank you
  69. Great plugin, but even better support!
  70. Excellent plugin. Very flexible to accomplish just about any type of filtering you could possibly think of. Just like the big boys. Be aware that this does have a very steep learning curve if you want to get the most out of it. There is an easy way to set up something quick out of the box, but to gain the maximum flexibility, you will want to learn how to use it. Developer's support is top notch too. Quickly handles any questions and problems and his prices are extremely reasonable to do any additional work.
  71. This is the best data/taxonomy filter that I've tested, very responsive, extremely customizable, and great support.
  72. Thanks for your help :)
  73. You are able to get any search queries you want. Very good for Real Estate Pages or Shops f.e. Best Support. Any problems were solved!
  74. The plugin is very complex and the author is very flexible providing support. He was a true help setting up the plugin. My opinion was that the documentation was hard to understand so I needed help setting up the plugin. Great job!
  75. Awesome support by the author - 5 stars!
  76. Simply amazing!!! The best plugin to filter and combine information you 've ever seen! This plugin is sensational and has several possibilities to work with. The Customer support as well as the plugin, deserves 10 stars! Extremely attentive and careful . Incredible Plugin!
  77. Slow plugin, not easy to setup. Doesn't narrow search results to current products but all products. Good customer service tough.
  78. Best filter plugin ever built
  79. This plugin is exactly what I needed to be able to create a customized filter on my WordPress site.
  80. Very useful to filter ^__^
  81. This is a real time saver. It's not pretty but it does the job very well.
  82. Fantastic customer support!!!
  83. Too complicated compared to the commercial presentation.
  84. Excellent plugin, excellent support. You will not find something more sophisticated for your instances. We would recommend this plugin to anyone.
  85. Unique Plugin
  86. Fantastic plugin - incredibly flexible. Almost infinite options for functionality and display of the results. Customer support is quick and courteous. If you need customisation then the paid service is great too! Highly recommended.
  87. This is a great plugin from a great developer. It's well coded easy to use. The developers support is fast and they are very easy to work with.
  88. The customer care is perfect.
  89. Very Efficient & Prompt Customer Support Offered by realmag777! Keep up the good work!
  90. Not great english, hard to understand at times.
  91. Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter is hands down The most amazing plugin created for making your e-shop searchable in the best and fastest possible way. The documentation is incredible. The product itself works like a charm, without any flaws. Ajax searching without reloading the page so that your customers won't have to wait! Code quality, Design quality, Customer support, Documentation quality, Features, Flexibility, Customizability, are all packed up in this amazing plugin. The author is always present, over your shoulder to teach you and guide you, which is amazing. He has created amazing tutorials, with step by step guides to make it even more easy for you. We have tried the free version first and even with that he was still there to guide and help. I would recommend his plugin, and already have as a matter of fact, to everyone that runs an e-business! Well done, sir, you are a shining example!! Thank you so much!
  92. Poor functionality, less flexibility and bad documentation. I wrote my own script and didn't use it.
  93. This is a great plugin and the author does everything he can to ensure happy customers. That's awesome. Where it could use improvement however, is ease-of-use: - It's not very straight-forward. In fact, it's quite difficult to wrap your head around how to use this. - Also, modifying the template and/or the custom loop isn't exactly a piece of cake either. If it were a bit easier to use, I'd give it a 5
  94. Just 2 words: "Great plugin" One of the best ever. Thanks for great job
  95. Klass
  96. it's badly programmedand and not for responsive theme usable.
  97. Great plugin. The videos are good at walking you through the setup and it works very well!
  98. Went the extra mile to help me get this setup. Many thanks.
  99. really good support , fast to replay all my question
  100. El mejor soporte técnic que he recibido. También después de provar varios plugins de buscadores de filtro para tiendas, este es sin duda el mejor de todos por su flexibilidad para adaptarse a las distintas necesidades. The best technic support I have received . Also after several plugins i have test filter seekers shops, this is definitely the best of all for its flexibility to adapt to different needs .
  101. Very very nice plugin.. Beter support!! Thank you man! good job ;)
  102. Thank you for your great plugin and excellent support. Keep up the good work ;) Janek
  103. Best plugin to filter in your WP-site. I try a lot before this and only this plugin can do what I need. Also the support is really good, and realmag777 explain what he does, so you learn also! :D
  104. This plugin is effin' great when you have tons of products on a site. I have 20 different custom fields that the products have to be filterable for, most of them range sliders, and MDTF solves this beautifully. A must have for any e-commerce site!
  105. Best customer support that I have came across so far.
  106. This is a simply fantastic one. So convenient and cutomizable!
  107. The man behind this plugin is awesome. He answered my many queries with effective solution regarding the plugin. Thanks for creating such powerful tool.
  108. Thumbs up! AWESOME!! Highly Recommend!!! Great communication and super fast response time. I will definitely be coming back for more business. Thank you.
  109. Great Plugin! Top notch support!
  110. Fantastic plugin and fantastic support, this is so flexible and essential to any WooCommerce or WP installation.
  111. Excellent customer support. Excellent flexibility. Exccellent all
  112. Great plugin, excellent custumer service. Had some problems getting it set up as it wasn't WPML compatible, but the author fixed it for me. Thank you!!
  113. Very nice and powerfull plugin. The author is very reactive and bring good & fast support.
  114. The plugin works very well also functions as the creator has indicated. His custom work was also done very well!
  115. Good Idea
  116. very good support and the plugin is just very impressive! I would rebuy it anytime :-)
  117. excellent customer support and help. Product is a bit complex but the support is good.
  118. Great filtering plugin! A must have.
  119. Great plugin and great suppont. If you have a shop and you want to make aesier the customer searching, don´t doubt and buy it.
  120. Fantastic Customer Support, Code Quality and Design. I wish I could give it 10 STARS !!! This is definitely a "swiss-army knife" for product filtering. Just like the ones you find at the big retail stores' websites. Definitely will make this a default plugin to purchase for every website project!
  121. Awesome! A very usefull search engine for wordpress. Only have to improve the usavility and include a word serch inside the same widget.
  122. Great script and great customer support! We had some trouble to adapt the script to a custom theme, and developer help us along the way to make sure it fits perfectly in our site. Many thanks for your great assistance!
  123. really too much complicated. English is broken, step by step impossible to follow. Plus it created tons and tons of tables and content in your wordpress installation. Thanks anyway :)
  124. Great plugin and amazing support by the author. Thank you.
  125. great plugin and support
  126. Thanks Rostislav, Look forward to seeing the next updates.
  127. Best filtering solution for wordpress i have ever seen and great customer support!
  128. I bought MDTF and without any doubt is a smart tool for anyone need to do Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter I expect the developer to add features like (Visual Constructor – No Codeing CSS themes – Dynamic display anywhere – Advanced filter search – jQuery data list picker ) which will make it essential plugin for any Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter needs. Excellent Support with very quick response , I would recommed MDTF to all wordpress users.
  129. By far the best filter we used so far....... this will be our go to filter for wordpress/woocommerse in the future
  130. Very nice plugin and very helpful author!
  131. The author knows how to co-exist with other Wordpress modules and themes. He responds quickly and keeps his promises.
  132. and very good support! thanks
  133. The most powerful Wordpress and Woocommerce compatible Ajax Search and Filter plugin out there. Period. This plugin allows you to search and filter taxonomies and meta data like no others, and it works very well with Woocommerce Product Attributes. This plugin will show in Woocommerce product archives, product attributes, product categories and product tags as well as on single product pages - unlike other Woocommerce plugins plugins out there. Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter is highly configurable. There is nothing it can't do as far as a search filter is concerned. Did I mentioned coffee? Oh, and AJAX ;) "Marketing link" is another terrific addition to the plugin, it allows you to create custom and short urls out of search results outputs, so you can share powerful / suitable combinations via clean URL via emails, on Facebook, Tweeter - the sky is the limit. The developer is always listening, always improving the product, very hard working, he is fast, smart, open minded, friendly and he is as powerful as his plugin. Sincerely, alkhor
  134. i've a good feeling about this one
  135. Great plugin, thanks realmag777!
  136. Great plugin, author and support!
  137. I like this product. Good documentation & very good service. Thanks! Marga Meesters
  138. This guy is unbelievable! I wasn’t able to configure the plugin by myself so I sent a email to the author asking for some help. He completely installed, configured and styled (css) the plugin for me for a very small fee. Can’t say how much I appreciate your help mate. I would recommend you and your plugin to everyone! Many thanks! Max
  139. Hi realmag777, clearly 5 Stars for the feature availability, flexibility, customizability and your customer support! :-) Thanks so much, this plugin is really what I was looking for! phonix