WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables

WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables


PROTAS – WooCommerce Active Products Tables: (another name WOOT) WooCommerce plugin for displaying shop products in table format. Tables makes focus for your buyers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous, just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered!


WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables: (new name PROTAS) WooCommerce plugin for displaying shop products in table format. Tables makes focus for your buyers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous, just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered!

You are as the shop owner can increase your business site benefits by providing to your customers structured information through responsive, beautiful products and highly featured active tables. Shoes, cars parts, electronic goods, food, media content, digital content, tableware,wine, external-referral products, etc. - all this can be presented to the customers in more structured and focused way. Behind the scene site admin has great and power functionality with a lot of flexibilities.

WOOT has its own API which allows to extend the plugin functionality, for example add custom columns. Using products tables on your woocommerce shop site increases conversion!

The plugin is sold on the codecanyon.net.


WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables

WooCommerce allows creating commercial websites that are high in quality and rich in functionality. Because it is so easy to operate and manage, it is the best platform for online store creation. It provides the most powerful functionality on the market, helping to sell physical or virtual products.

Silent dialogue with the customer

The store owner's initial task is to decide on the format of product presentation for users, and this task is solved using numerous WordPress themes. Placement of products and their features in the store is like a silent dialogue with the customer, showing its advantages and benefits. The better is the website visitor’s perception of the presented information, the more probability of product purchase and store profit.

Product tables are an undeniable advantage to the customer, allowing the most accessible and structured product presentation method. Product tables help the customer cover all the product characteristics at a glance, reducing the perception time to a minimum. The website visitor will not have to search through numerous website pages, which may cause him to forget why he came to the website in the first place, losing his focus of perception from his set goal or intended purpose of the store.


WOOT - WooCommerce Products Tables easily keep the customer’s attention without tiresome unnecessary actions. All the products and filters are on the same page, and with the AJAX technology, the customer can find what he is looking for instantly. The customer can compare the found products on this very page using the “Compare Products” feature and decide on product purchase.

Fully manageable functional

WOOT is extensible and rich in functionality plugin for woocommerce, which shows the products on the website in the form of tables with custom columns and has the most potent built-in filtering mechanism for products, such as price, category, attributes, metadata, etc. Because it has a modern architecture and only uses pure JavaScript code, it has excellent extensibility, which is proven by extensions such as “Compare Products”, “Favourites," and "Attachments." Today, not a single plugin for displaying products in the form of a table can brag of such rich functionality. WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables front

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but the installation of product tables is possible right after the plugin installation with just a simple [woot] shortcode, which will expand the product table with pre-configured settings and the basic set of columns. Using the fantastic agility in configuration, you can configure the table columns as you wish, using the "columns" attribute of the shortcode: [woot columns=”id,title,price,pa_color,pa_size,products_cat,compare,add_to_cart”], keys for which are located in the “Settings” tab below:   WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables shortcode keys

It will be best to create the table using the plugin at the control panel: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables control panel WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables control panel

The created table at the administrator's control panel is managed easier and can be inserted using a shortcode [woot id=1], where 1 is the table ID. At the first tab of table setting, you can add columns, give them a title, or change their order, set their options. Each column has its fine settings, depending on the column type: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables cell options

At the second tab of shortcode settings, you can connect your products' metadata to the display: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables meta fields tab

The third tab offers a filter design. With a mouse, you can create a powerful AJAX filter, giving your customers the opportunity of finding what they are looking for without unnecessary movements and the on same time staing on the same page. All the filter elements have their settings depending on their type: WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables filter tab

The fourth tab offers a powerful mechanism, "Predefinition." This mechanism determines which products will be reflected by the table, for example – only best-sellers, or the newest ones, or according to a specific category or attribute simultaneously, or only from one author on the website, if your store is a platform. “Predefinition” works well with the filtering mechanism, understanding each other with ease. WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables predefinition rules

The fifth tab allows you to customize the view of your table using the CSS.  But keep in mind that WOOT contains built-in skins, and you can create your unique skins. WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables custom CSS tab

The sixth tab contains many fine settings for product tables such as the number of products displayed per page, default sorting, print button, “Load more” button - which allows avoiding classic pagination, set up a compact size for mobile devices, sorting, shopping cart, and many more other settings. WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables options tab

WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables - there is a reason for the “Active” word in the title since except for the main shortcode [woot], it also provides a whole army of shortcodes which make your store more alive, active, and “sociable” for your visitor. For example, shortcode [woot_single] will open all the product’s characteristics. If you need to insert such a shortcode into the article on the website, you can do it with the [woot_single_btn] shortcode-button, helping your customer learn the product in detail. If someone needs to compare the products, there is a [woot_compare] shortcode. It will help the customer decide on the product selection and make a purchase without delay. WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables compare products


Spreading your products throughout other websites

WOOT has a unique ability to spread your products on partner websites, whose website engines may not even be WordPress or even the average HTML site. Look here, please! Your store’s products can be seen anywhere and even support the referral program.

100% compatibility with WPML

Today, the world has become relatively compact and small, and that is why your website must be easy to understand for multi-lingual users of your website. The easier it is for the world to understand you, the more sales you will get. It is why the WOOT is entirely compatible with WPML and has the “Vocabulary” support mechanism, allowing to translate all the product tables to every language possible without any limitations. Create multi-lingual tables without restrictions on your desires!


WOOT opportunities are nearly limitless, and that is why this plugin is so unique on the market. With this plugin, you can enrich your website’s content, making it more interesting. It will make your visitors more loyal, which will lead to purchases on your website. The first purchase in the store, using this plugin, entirely recoups the investment of such a professional trading tool as “WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables,” which points to its immediate recoupment. In other words, there is absolutely no risk, especially with the free version of the plugin, which will help you find new marketing opportunities in your business and significantly increase your profits.


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