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Problem with search input and taxonomy filter

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Please try  to watch a video -

Read  this   -


I can see it may be used with the shortcode, but how can I use it if i'm using custom page template with widget area:

where the MDTF widget is added - how can i connect it with [mdf_results_by_ajax] shortcode?


Please  read this -

but how can I use it if i'm using custom page template -  watch  a  video -


Thank you, I was able to configure it, but have a problem with pagination, initial pagination works fine, but when I select any taxonomy - items are reloaded (ajaxed) but pagination doesn't work, I can see the following error in js console:  and  only"0" except the website content..

Do you have any idea what may be wrong?


Hello Piotr

Try  to read  this -


Unfortunately I've tried both solution - no success..

Please notice, that initial pagination works properly, so i think there's a problem with In-Built Pagination when i'm using this shortcode (ajax):

[mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode="mdf_custom template=any/lesson post_type=lesson orderby=date order=desc page=1 per_page=12 pagination=tb" animate=0 animate_target=body]


It looks like the plugin is not working right now. And I cannot check this



Sorry, it works with ssl now, maybe it was a problem. I've updated private data for this topic.

Please  fix your  site ( ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS )   - and I think everything will work correctly

Unfortunately no, ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is fixed, but I have still a problem with ajax pagination.

It looks like a issue with access to admin-ajax.php file:
"Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()"


Try  to do a test with  native template

It looks like a issue with access to admin-ajax.php file - possible, but this problem is only with your site


I've tried with default Twenty Nineteen - unfortunately no success.
I've added video screen share to private data for this topic.

Tried also to check another (default my_cars) mdf_templates and disable other plugins - unfortunately still have problem with that.


Please  drop  me  FTP access  I will  check  it


Thanks, I've added FTP access to private data.


Please  do a  test


Great, it works properly now, what was the problem?

Unfortunately I have another issue with sorting and reset button - please try to click"Sort by date" multiple times or"Best rated" or reset button (these features works properly if ajax is disabled i.e. here: test.esl.../lesson_level/b1-intermediate/ )

I have also private message for You (left in private data for this topic).

Thanks for the great support,



Hello Piotr

Please paste  sort  panel   in  your  template

Hello Pablo,

Thanks it works now, did you check my private message?

Sorry, but I have other issues..

- when you are NOT logged in and make some filtering and click the bookmark icon: strange things happens - like a recursion view

- if we are on the category view - i.e. here test.esl.../lesson_level/b1-intermediate/ I would like to display and filter only this level category, previously I've added lesson_level=current into Additional taxonomies condition (in search widget) but how can i change the following shortcode in similar way?

[mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode="mdf_custom template=any/lesson post_type=lesson page=1 per_page=12 pagination=b" panel_id=89 animate=0 animate_target=body]


1) template incompatibility with ajax mode

2)  Read  this  please  -   add it to  shortcode -