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Problem with search input and taxonomy filter

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I have a problem described here:

I would like to filter custom post type by taxonomy and add also text input to search by text and filter by taxonomy at the same time, so i’ve added new filter section with this configuration:
selected assigned category in widget settings and unfortunately text input is not visible on the front – I can see only taxonomy select fields..

I can send private message with website credentials.
Thanks in advance for any help,


Hello Piotr

Please  watch  a video -

Hello Pablo,

Thanks, I've no idea how could i missed that :)

Search input is visible, but i'm not sure why it's not working properly, if there is no search input I'm able to filter:

but with search input filtering is not possible:


Please try  to watch  a  video -

Please assign mdtf  category to  your  posts"lesson"( ) and  do a test


It looks like assigning mtdf category fixed the issue. Thanks a lot!



Sorry, I have one more question - is it possible to work with any infinity scroll plugin?

Instead of default pagination I would like to add infinity scroll, i've tried with"Ajax Load More" plugin, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly when I select taxonomy or type sth in search text input.. (instead of loading results only - it loads results and ALL custom posts below).


Unfortunately not

Thanks for the answer.

I have also problem with default pagination (I've added url to private data), I found this article:

and added script to the footer, links are changed and works properly at the begining, but If i try to filter and the results is on several pages. i.e. please type"the" in the search input, there's 165 posts found, but I'm not able to navigate to the second or any other page.. (I hope you understand).

Thanks for all,

Hello Piotr

and added script to the footer, -  unfortunately this code will not work because this is not standard pagination

Contact the author of this template (this does not work correctly).  To  test  you  can  disable  my  plugin and  try  this  link  The result will be the same. As you can see, any GET request breaks pagination. this is a bug

Hello Pablo,

It was custom navigation, it's replaced now and everything works properly.

Thanks again,
Awesome support.

Sorry, I have another question..

I know how to change or override search results page, but is it possible to stay at the same page and display a message when no posts are found?


 but is it possible to stay at the same page - Use  this  option please -  - you can  paste "self"


I'm not able to fix it by"self" search result, but I've fixed it by customizing theme files, thanks.

I think it's really the last question :) - if I select multiple taxonomies (Multiple checkbox select) - is it possible to change"All plans" phrase to first selected taxonomy or all separated by comma, when the submenu is not visible? I have 5 taxonomies and if the user select first, close the submenu, select another one, he may be not sure what taxonomies are selected/changed..



I understood you.

unfortunately in this case you need JS customization.


Ok, I'll try with JS customization..
PS. This feature is not available in your plugin premium version?

Thanks for all,


Hello Piotr

This feature is not available in your plugin premium version? - It does not depend on the plugin version

Hello Pablo,

Thanks, one more issue - how to disable this highlights from post title (search results are highlighted):

Hello Piotr

Try  in  file - wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\index.php   comment/delete  these lines -

Thanks, it's not a perfect solution because of plugin updates, but it works :)

I have another issue.
When I enable"AJAX items output" in widget settings the"Filter" button disappears but unfortunately search results (items) are not loaded..
I've added short screen movie to private data.