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problem with 404 error page showing to guests and not logged in users

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its still giving me error on the live site i just checked,, and also could u give me a list of plugins u deactivating ???


 and also could u give me a list of plugins u deactivating ??? - I don't have a list. Check it out on the test site

I diactevated  WP Rocket  -


Hi, is there a way u can change the coding somehow so that mdtf works with wp rocket... a small customisation for my site ??? Wp rocket is a great caching plug in and I don't want to deactivate that... so I would request if possible let me know pls....


In this  case  try  to  enable  wp-rocket  and enable all options one by one. in this case, you will find a specific setting that causes this incompatibility

hi pablo there is a new issue on my site the mdtf filter sidebar doesnt seem to work it is displayed but when i select a category it doesnt filter products


Please  fix  these JS  errors  - - and  do a test


How do i fix these i dont know how to do this can u fix this if possible ???


These errors have nothing to do with my plugin.  I think some errors are caused by your current theme.


i contacted my theme they say its not an issue with the theme...

pls check the google drive link to the mail from my theme support -!AuBhUVwCmvW6g-d1ZrBAZVJR_AJ5Sg?e=oacbKu


Please do a test

hi pablo its the same problem again the filter is working for logged in users but not the guest users....


My  test (as the guest )  -

hey pablo iam sorry i had a death in family so could not revert back but i just checked as a guest i cant use the mdtf sidebar widget could u pls run a test again and lemme know


Please  check  wp-admin  access

fix  this  errors -  - the problem is probably caused by the JS code optimization plugin  - disable  it  and  do a test

hi first of all i revoked ur admin access u can access the dashboard

2 - i had jetpack and jqeury migrate plugin i deactivated both but still filter doesnt work for guest users

3 - how do i fix those errors i dont know pls help me


I can not enter the admin panel

check pvt data


I  disabled  this  plugin -

Now everything works correctly

Hi pablo,

I checked it works fine but isnt there a way u can do some customization so that i dont have to deactivate wp rocket and also ur plugin works fine ?


You should configure this so that third party plugin does not cause JS errors. Unfortunately I am not an expert in wp-rocket