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problem with 404 error page showing to guests and not logged in users

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iam facing some issues with the plugin on my site. When a guest user try to filter products they get an 404 error page but when a looged in user tries to filter the products there is no issue... Attaching a google drive link to the video pls check and get back


link to the video -!AuBhUVwCmvW6gfhHvsfHg_fM_oYFZg?e=YeV97B


Paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -  I will  check it

i have updated pls check


Please  add  FTP access.

Can  I disable  plugins/theme  to  test?

Renew  your  support

Hi i have a staging plugin which creates a staging wordpress site.... i have updated my staging site the link and access to it loading in private data.. pls test on that for disabling plugins and themes


Please  check  access to  your   staging  site -


can u check again if it works... i just updated my staging site again


The  same  issue -

i have generated a new password for u to access the staging site and update the same in private data pls check.


Please  do  test

The settings I changed:  AND

Hi i changed the setting on my main site as u suggested.. but it doesnt work also i just also checked on my staging site it still gives error

pls check the following link of the staging site.


Compare the settings with the test site.

Please  renew  your  support

i renewed my support from envato pls update on my site i changed the settings but its still giving 404 error

check  your  access  to  the main  site -

 i just also checked on my staging site it still gives error - My  test -

pls check the private data i have set a new password for both of ur accounts... and also ur test u did as a logged in user in the video it shows u are logged in... i would request you to pls logout and try it as a guest on staging site


Ok!  I got it/

But unfortunately, I cannot log into the wp-admin panel now.

i have set a new password which is same for the staging site and the actual site its updated in the end of the private data did you use that password ?


Ok!  Please  do  a  test.

My test -

hey thats perfect i tried on the staging site works for me too could u pls make the changes on my actual site as well ?


I  disabled  some  plugins/ Please  check  it  and  try  in  your  live site