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Plugin not playing well with WP Rocket

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Can you give me any actionable steps to make the drop down work correctly? -  I do not see any problems -

It looks like you are using an old version of the plugin

Also price is coming up double now  - what should I do to repeat this -

It's not coming up double because I downgraded the plugin - I will upgrade it on staging site and will show you all the issues that i'm experiencing. THanks


If this is a live site.  Create  test site(sub domain) -  - drop me wp-admin+FTP access

I will check it!


I have added all the login details for staging site including FTP access to the private data of this forum thread - you have everything you need to investigate this problem. Basically I updated WooCommerce on the main site and that fixed the issue with the GeoLocation - I also updated the plugin to the latest version. However what ended up happening is that it said 'AUD AUD' twice on the prices.. however they did update with the correct currency.

The only thing is the top left drop down didn't change to the correct country.

If you could investigate on the staging and make it work it would be much appreciated.


I've just updated currency switcher to latest version and you can see in the video below that ow th eprices do change on the staging site to the correct currency when testing with Hotspot shield... but for some reason they have the currency code twice eg. 'AUD AUD'. Also top left drop down doesn't change to correct country - is this linked to the plugin? Thanks!


I did  test - - Woocommerce incorrectly identifies the user location.  But the switcher  redraws correctly

However what ended up happening is that it said 'AUD AUD' twice on the prices - Fixed


I go onto it and now the whole staging site isn't showing:

This is what I see:

Am I missing something?


P.S. The main site is still working

Also because I need to push this live can you tell me what changes I need to make on the live site so the AUD AUD issue doesn't come up. Looking forward to seeing the fix once the staging site is live so I can review and confirm it all works.



I go onto it and now the whole staging site isn't showing: - I did not change anything in the code! When I did the tests it worked well

I need to make on the live site so the AUD AUD issue doesn't come up - delete all data  here -

I just tested it literally 3 minutes after I got your message - check the history. What did you do? Can you give an overview of the steps you took. May be the other developer playing tricks but I doubt it.

Ok it's working now - tha'ts a bit scary not knowing why it happened - but anyway I will test with Hotspot Shield.

I've had strange behaviour from that site so I'm not sure what the cause of that is - if it's you or something else.

Ok I've checked and everything looks good as far as currencies go - the only issue is - just wondering if it's possibel to have the drop down be the correct country?


Also can you let me know what I need to change to made AUD AUD just come up once?


Sorry I see you provided instructions on how to remove AUD - that's great. If you have a solution for the drop down in the top left that would be awesome but not necessary.


But  I did  test -


Is there any way to make the drop down say Australia?



Do you mean - show current location ?

You  need  code customization.

Hi, ok I thought it was part of the plugin? Do you have a shortcode where the person can select a country from a drop down to check the different currencies and it stays on the country?


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have such a feature