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MDTF Pro Pagination Not Working

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Hi Support,

We have got Pro version of MDTF and have integrated with our website

We have all the desired filters working on post but the resultset does not allow pagination to work properly. We have tried to follow guide and insert code snippet on footer as per

But it still didn't work for us.

We use Divi theme and are trying to solve pagination for quite some time and therefore would urge you to help us resolve pagination issue with our website.


Please  drop  me  exact  link  to the  page  with  the  filter



The Filter is included in all posts, so any filter you apply it would trigger search page.

The link is below:


This is search-test, in attempt to solve this but couldn't fix the issue. In MDTF settings, I have included  the link: in search result page. In Widget the settings are empty for the result page.

Appreciate your help in resolving this in timely manner.


Pease drop  me  exact  link  to the  page  with  the  filter.  I do not need the result page.

I need a page where I can see the MDTF filter that you configured

Hi Pablo,


The filter is included in all post pages. Here is one post page example for you:



OK! Please tell me where is the MDTF filter on this page -

I  created  test  page  with  the MDTF filter -

I did  test - Templates for the current theme do not have pagination. So  use mdtf templates( )   or  an another  theme

Hi Pablo,


I am surprised the widget having MDTF  on sidebar has been removed and completely reset. This wasn't like that before.

Also, How can I include attachments, I don't have means to host the URL of images and like to upload from desktop.

I will reconfigure the widget settings if I have to for this.

Hi Pablo,


Its ok without image, I have included the MDTF widget on sidebar and filters now appearing on same page:


Hi Pablo,

I waited for you to look into issue after correction on Widget.

Our requirement is to use widget across all posts and pagination is allowed by default. It is only when I started using MDTF, my pagination settings are controlled at MDTF side.

The test page or any page with mdf-custom does not do satisfy my clients requirements so that workaround is not applicable to us. Please look at it from MDTF end, your guide on pagination by inserting code on footer to ensure pagination works as flagged by many users didn't work for us. We use Divi theme with simple modifications. We will wait for you to look into it and guide us to solve this.


Please read my previous message.

The plugin uses templates for the current theme. Therefore, pagination also depends on the current theme.

I gave you advice -

Please  watch  a video -


Hi Pablo,

I don't have any custom settings applied for pagination.

Also what does In-Built Pagination tab on MDTF settings do with  Pagination CSS File option.

The option is set to checked by default:

Include the default stylesheet tw-pagination.css? Pagination will first look for tw-pagination.css in your theme directory (themes/Divi).

I don't have that tw-pagination.css file

On your documentation for pagination, What does your code on link do, as I applied that and you have pointed to otherse who had pagination problem:


When applying filters page changes to following with default pagination ( Old entries ) clicking does nothing but refresh the page on below link

We are using Pro version of MDTF and expect to have guided support with investigation rather than pointing to previous posts that haven't helped our case. We use MDTF for filtering posts, if we cannot navigate to older posts with filtered results from your plugin then what is the point of your plugin with filtering ?


 what does In-Built Pagination tab on MDTF settings do with  Pagination CSS File option - This is for mdtf templates

You don’t seem to read my messages.  Ok I created  test  video  for  you -

As I wrote before: It depends on the current theme.

Hi Pablo,

I believe you don't understand my query and posting everything to prove that it is theme issue which is not and this can be proved.
The issue stems from using MDTF filters within widget. Our requirement does not work well with using MDTF_custom module so why enforce that ?


Also, I have tried with Twenty19 theme, your MDTF filters are still not working there with widget, same result as Divi. How can  you say this is a fault of a theme now ? It is clearly an issue on MDTF where pagination does not work regardless of whatever theme is selected when using it on widget to filter posts. Please provide us a resolution for this as it is bug within your plugin.

We need simple MDTF fitlers added to widget and have pagination working on even standard theme when filtering a post.



Hello Abe

Yes, it looks like I do not understand you.

I made a video for you where I showed that everything works correctly(filtering and pagination works correctly)!- -  Please watch this video and say what's wrong. Perhaps you noticed some kind of errors

I have tried with Twenty19 theme, your MDTF filters are still not working there with widget, same result as Divi. - it means you have configured the widget incorrectly. Please compare the shortcode settings and repeat this for the widget.





Hi Pablo,


I applied same settings to widget too but it didnt work. It may also seem like the page settings that was working earlier is also not working. I may have accidently changed something I am not sure. Can you please help and see if test-mdtf page you created is working.


Did  you  customize  plugin  code?

Please  add FTP access

Hi Pablo,


FTP access provided now, thank you.

Hi Pablo,

To make pagination work, I had footer.php within my theme slightly modified and even that file has been resinstated to it's original state. Why everything else works except pagination ?


My  test  video -