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Load search results with ajax on the homepage without leaving the homepage

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I can  not  check your site -

You can’t insert a shortcode to display products in this field.

Because when the search query has no products, the "product not found" template appears. If there are products in this template then the "product not found" template is called again. And it gives an endless loop


please send this message again.  Sorry, for some reason your message has been deleted.

Hi Pablo, I have a maintenance plugin activated, you have access to wordpress and ftp on Private data for this topic.

The "product not found" template should´t have products, I have no idea where this templete is, what I need is to show the message like here

Thanks Pablo


I wrote to you about this above! This will not work!

It works on a demo site - Because there are products for this shortcode. If you add another filter to the search query, this will cause a critical error

Sorry I do not understand you, on my website there are also products for the Shot code, the message should be displayed when there are no products for both steps


This will not work. In this field ( ) you can display only text or shortcodes that are not related to products


So maybe adding that text to the templete  to "product not found" template may appears? could you tell me where is locate and name of templete, so I say to the developer to see if he can do something


If  you  use  this option  - - \wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\views\no-products-found.php


if you  use  native function - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates\loop\no-products-found.php

Hi. Pablo I delete the Short code [recent_products limit="3" columns="4" ]  on and now it is showing the text content I set on "No products found".

But if I add a short code on it stop working, and I don´t know why because Turbo mode is off

Please help

In case you don't understand, I have recorded this quick video for you:




I understood you -

In the next version of the plugin, we will correct this text -

Ok, maybe you can think of something to show for example products of a specific category under the text


In  template no-products-found.php  you can add HTML with products(without wp_query ).