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Load search results with ajax on the homepage without leaving the homepage

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3) Use  autosubmit.   autosubmit=1

4)  So you are using the wrong access to the database. Contact hosting support

Thanks a lot Pablo:

1- About js Both js doesn't work at the same time, give me a hint please

3- Now is set first type but it still does not show the selection I made in the 2 steps. Also you can see is already autosubmit=1 but it do not goes to step2 automatically.

4- About "Statistic" the data about the database is correct and user has the correct privileges, could you send me a connection example to see what you write on host, because with the I.P of my server do not work and also with "local" do not work.


1)  Remove one of the code blocks

3) - please  check it.  Clear  all  cache

4)  Contact your hosting support. They will give the address of the database!

Hello Pablo, I'm sorry to drive you crazy, but I need to solve it:

1)  Yes if I remove one it works, but I need both, I want it to go down to search result and when I click to reset button to go up, is that posible or I can only have one?

3) About how can I change autosubmit to 1, I guess it is not in the shortcut because in the shortcut I already set it to 1 "autosubmit=1", so could you please tell me where I can change it so it goes to next step automatically after selecting one filter.

This is the shortcut I use, as you can see I set it to 1 "autosubmit=1:
[woof_step autosubmit=1 filter_type=1 by_step="product_cat,product_tag"] [woof_products autosubmit=1 is_ajax=1 display_on_search=1]

5) Why the filter it showing the reset button at the beginning before doing the search, it should show the Search button and when it shows the search result should show the "Reset" button.


1)  In this case, you need customization of the code. Unfortunately, I do not have a ready-made solution.

Try  to use  something  like:


// Your  code


2)  I don’t know where you changed the shortcode. check the test page -  - Everything works correctly.   Try  to  clear  all  cache.

5)  This is necessary to reset the current selection. For example, you have not 2 steps, but 10 steps.  n this case, it is convenient. If you want to change this behavior you should customize the code.

Hi Pablo:

3) My shortcode is on the home page, you can changes anything you like. I am using Step by step filter 1 ( so I have changes the shortcode on  filter_type=1  and autosubmit still no working on first step, when I select one option it active next button, what I like is to go to next step automaticly. May be is because on first step I can select more than one option, I would like to be able to select only one on each step and go automatically to next step also hide the filter "button" so it do the filter automatically after select last step-

5) What do mean with "This is necessary to reset the current selection.". I can see on the same problem happens, what I like is to work like I mean to say is that in you pass the first filter to the second and from the second to the third one automatically without having to click on the button "next".
ALSO I like to get like on  is not showing the buttons "Back" and "Next",  it just show the button of "Reset" at the end.

Many many thanks Pablo!



3,5) Drop me  FTP access  please

Hi, I send it to private data, at the end I am using type 2

Please, make changes at


Many thanks

Please Pablo, Before You do anything tell me what are you going to do because I already give access to the developer to add custom GS and custom Js.

thanks for all Pablo


Please check  FTP access

Hi Pablo, I am wondering if you know how can add  a text before the filter results


Do you mean insert text before products?

If yes - try  to  use a   hook - woocommerce_before_shop_loop


add_action('woocommerce_before_shop_loop', function(){

// your  text

}, 2);

Ok I say to the developer, thanks.

By the way I am filtering by category do you know how can I changes the order that options shows in the filter. Also The second step is by tag maybe you know how can changes order of the differents tags?


Thanks Pablo


Try to use  this  tool  -

Hi Pablo I try to reorder categorie with the plugin "custom-taxonomy-order" and as you can see on I set "TÉ AMARILLO"  first one, but as you can see on the filter on the home pages, "TÉ AMARILLO"  is no the first one category on the filter




Please clear the cache after any changes -  ->


Hello, the option of "Override no products found content"   does not work, you can check it on the homepage or on the page you created "" to do the test in the first step select the category "TÉ VERDE", this category has no associated product and as you will see after the second step, the preloding is shown and it is blocked, it does not show the message that I have set on "Advance / Options / Override no products found content" nor show "recent_products", I've recorded a video for you to see

Where if I show it is in the Shop page when entering the category with no products call "TÉ VERDE", could you tell me as active / deactivate that option.

Thank you very much Pablo!


The problem is that -  the shortcode in this area causes an endless loop. It causes an error.

In the next update we will add a warning

Thanks Pablo, but on your demo  I can see is working, when there is no results it show the text set on "Override no products found content", now all my categories and all the tags products  associated and still don't show the message, you can see on the page you add  frist step please select "TÉ AMARILLO" and on second Step select "FRUTAS DE LA HUERTA".

It should work as in your demo, if not, it does not make sense that every time it does not match the 2 filters it get blocked, it should show the message, please please any ideas or suggestions