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Load search results with ajax on the homepage without leaving the homepage

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Hi My puchase code is: PRIVATE DATE

I am trying to show the filter in the home page,  a very similar filer like demo "Step by step filter 2"  I want the filter to use ajax and display the result in the homepage without leaving the homepage, also I am wondering is is posible to show the filter results automaticly after select firts filter

Here is the access to the backend:



This is an open forum. I strongly recommend that you change access

You wrote in the wrong support. Please write  here -

Hi Pablo, I changed, I send you the access to "private data for this topic".

please log in and answer me when you can


Describe in more detail where you tried to insert the shortcode. And what exactly did you fail

Hi Pablo, I am trying to show the filter in the home page,  a very similar filter like demo "Step by step filter 2"

I want to filter by product category [product_cat] and by product Tag [product_tag]. I set the plugin to filter only Product category and Product tags you can see it here As you can see, I have configured categories and tags as images, because I would like to show the filter as in this design

Is important to do the filter using ajax so it display the result in the homepage without leaving the homepage, now it goes to the shop homepage.

I tried using this shortcode but is not showing [woof_step autosubmit=0 filter_type=1 by_step=”product_cat,product_tag“] [woof_products is_ajax=0 display_on_search=1]

I also tried using this shortcode but is not showing [woof sid="auto_shortcode" autohide=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
[woof_products per_page=108 columns=10 is_ajax=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9 custom_tpl='woof_tpls/woo_tpl_1.php']

Please help me, thanks a lot.

By the way to do the test I added only 8 products, all belong to all categories and all tags, but in the filter in tags count shows zero


I did  test  page  -

Hello, I have added your shortcode in the homepage and please look how it break the design under the filter this is how it looks without your code and so with your code if I add other shortcode like [woof sid="custom" autohide=0 taxonomies=product_cat,product_tag] you can see here it do not affect the desing under the filter but is showing the but it shows the result of the filter outside of the homepage.

Also, I have added this java script to go down to the result of the filter but it does not work.

What I'm really trying to do is simlar to but showing the 2 filters (category and tag) at the same time as in this design and show it in the middle of the content of the homepage with ajax so it show the results in the home page. I don't know if you can do a custom budget to me this is the design I have add notes 3 (yellow stars) on the first page and 4 notes in the second page, so you understand how it works. Thank you


 look how it break the design under the filter  -  This seems to be the problem of the current theme.

Please   delete  it - - and  do test

Hi Pablo, I have removed it and the same thing continues, I think it is the filter, not the Theme.

by the way can you make me a budget so that the filter it looks as the design that I sent you?



I think it is the filter, not the Theme. - I am 100% sure that the problem is in the theme( shop template does not have standard hooks ). You can easily check it, install a different theme.

Unfortunately we do not have time for custom tasks


Hello, as you can see in this screenshot, if I take up the content before the filter looks correctly and if I remove the filter also looks ok "" I have opened a ticket with the theme that I bought in themeforest let see what they answer me, sure you right, I just need a solution.

ALSO PLEASE TELL ME, I have added this java script to go down to the result of the filter but it does not work, could you please check it, it also doen´t work on the page you build


1 the template must have these hooks  - woocommerce_before_shop_loop  AND  woocommerce_after_shop_loop

2 Change  this class  name ( ) - the new class  name:   woof_results_by_ajax_shortcode

Perfect works, but because I have sticky head, it cut the products, do you know any solution to stop 150px above? here screenshot



Try  to  add  -150   here -

Thanks Pablo, now is perfect. Just two  questions:

1- When I click on the "Back to the test" button It takes me under the filter and cannot be seen, it should take me 550 px above, maybe you know how to fix it.

2- I am wondering if is posible to show the 2 steps at the same time or add a js to scroll down to the second filter ones you selected the first filter?


Thanks a lot!


3- Why is not showing the selection I am doing like here


1- it's this code works -  To change this you need customization of the code

2- The plugin does not have such a feature/ you need customization of the code

3 - This is the first type of filter. -


1- Both js doesn't work at the same time, sorry I have no idea why I guess because both call the same name.

3- I change it to fist type, I love it now, I wondering if I can set it show it goes to step 2 automatically with out the "Next button".

4- I add the "Statistic" but it do not connect to a data base I just created on Cpanel, it can conect to the host, I try with the I.P and with local but no ones conect

3- Now is set first type but it still does not show the selection I made in the 2 steps. Also if you know how can after step one it can goes to step 2 automatically with out the "Next button".

4- About "Statistic" I disable it because the filter stop working, you can enable it to test connection to the server, thanks.