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few issues, already reported in WP

The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
If you not got email within 24~36 business hours, firstly check your spam box, and if no any email from the support there - back to the forum and read answer here. DO NOT ANSWER ON EMAILS [] FROM THE FORUM!! Emails are just for your info, all answers should be published only here.
The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

hello, I need you to help on these issues that are not being resolved on the Wordpress forum:

  1. There is one table that does’t accept one content, though it's in the dropdown list. It’s a CPT from my theme similar to others that are showed by TableOn, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t grab that specific one. It just doensn’t like it, on “saving” it shows another content at random. See steps.
  2. some translations are not applying (“last modified date”, “sort by name”, etc.). When I build the tables the strings are translated, but they still show in English in the frontend. I want to avoid using the vocabulary and use Loco instead.
  3. tables are not responsive, and setting option ‘Compact view width’ doesn't work

My test pages: +


Please  drop  me  wp-admin  access  here - ->

done.. awaiting for your feedback



the login details are working... try again

the problem is that the link is not available.

Do you have some restrictions on the server

Not that I'm aware of. Please try again now, I have disabled a plugin.


the  same  result.  The link to your site is not working

I believe your IP is blocked on my server. Please find out your IP on the device where you are unable to access my website and let me know the IPv4 address.

Added  to  private  data

...I believe now it's me not seeing your details in the private data popup  :)


Sorry! try now please

...all right, I have unblocked your IP.

You can try access the site now


Ok!  Drop  me  FTP  access

where    settings  of  this  post type?

Pablo, let me create a staging site first. I shall contact you again later....


Ok!  Great

hello again Pablo, I think I have successfully created a staging site. Please look into the"private data box", and check what's wrong on my test page, in the"outbound" table (the"notams" list is the one that doesn't want to accept my CPT wyz_business_post), which are just posts called"Notams" in the WP backend left menu.

Se also the other issues outlined in my first message.


Please add FTP access

you should have everything now... :)


Your access -