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a few questions

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Thanks! I did this: [woof taxonomies="product_cat: tag_ID=15 tax_only="pa_kleur,pa_materiaal,pa_type,pa_aantal"]

But I only see 'kleur' and 'materiaal'. 'Type' and 'aantal' are not showing. What am I doing wrong?


It is not right -

Correct [woof taxonomies="product_cat:15" tax_only="pa_kleur,pa_materiaal,pa_type-oorbellen,pa_aantal"]

Please do test

OK, and for each category I make a new text widget?



ok, when I put this in a text widget [woof taxonomies="product_cat:17” tax_only="pa_kleur,pa_materiaal,pa_aantal"] I see it at alle pages. Not only at the 'kettingen' (= cat 17) page.


Please use widget logic to  show/hide  widget

What do I have to write in show/hide widget? I don't understand it


Please  read  docs -

Unfortunately I can not teach to use CMS wordpress and  third-party plugins



If widget logic plugin is very complicated. Look for another plugin - there are many plugins to hide/show the widget

thanks. If I don't need the filters on a product categorie but on post 5 do I make it like this?

[woof taxonomies="post_5” tax_only=“pa_categorie,pa_kleur,pa_materiaal,pa_type-oorbellen,pa_aantal"]


what is post_5?

Please  read  docs - - Into this attribute it is possible to place only a taxonomy and this attribute does not affect the place where the filter is displayed.

hi, i want filters here:

it's the store page with all products.


Please  just  add  widget -   to show only on the shop page -

hi, how do I get the filters at the top of the product pages at my website on mobile??


Please  check  option -

that one is checked. At the top now shows the searcher icon and at the bottom also filters are showing. So the filters are at 2 places. The top as an search icon and the bottom as regular filters....



This plugin does not control widget display. Try this  tool -

It never was like this. What option do I need to hide? It's the same, only one filter is showing as a search icon at the top and the other filters are showing normal at the bottom. I have enclosed screenshots.


I gave you an idea how to show the filter at the top for mobile devices( - click  to  open).  this is a separate filter

The current theme is positioning widgets down for mobile devices. It does not depend on me or on my plugin. Contact current theme support

I gave you an alternative solution -  this third-party plugin can hide the widget. For example, hide the widget for mobile devices.  Use a  condition - wp_is_mobile()

The filter that's now showing at the top, if you look at 'oorbellen', hasn't got the correct filters. While I set them like [woof taxonomies="product_cat:15" tax_only="pa_kleur,pa_materiaal,pa_type-oorbellen,pa_aantal"] The filter 'categorie' shouldn't be there.

And at the bottom there are the correct filters showing. So thats why I'm wondering if they don't have a connection.