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WPCS - WordPress Currency Switcher

This support system is for all types of the plugins as for premium versions, so for free ones! If you have premium version do not forget in the private data of the request (!!not in the text of the support request!!) after its publishing insert purchase code please (see blue-green button on the right side) and press Save button.
If you not got email within 24~36 business hours, firstly check your spam box, and if no any email from the support there - back to the forum and read answer here. DO NOT ANSWER ON EMAILS [] FROM THE FORUM!! Emails are just for your info, all answers should be published only here.
The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
WordPress currency plugin, that allows your site visitors switch prices currencies in your site content according to set currencies rates in the real time!
TICKETSLast ticket
Plugin doesn't work with Woocommerce Product BundlesBy majestyskis-internal1 AnswerLast ticket: 11 Oct, 2019 10:36 · Pablo Borysenco
11 Oct, 2019 10:36
Pablo Borysenco
I can't disable switch for Show Aproximate AmountBy iuroomstore1 AnswerLast ticket: 09 Oct, 2019 11:17 · Pablo Borysenco
09 Oct, 2019 11:17
Pablo Borysenco
Sale Badge does not show percentageBy sittingprettyclothing1 AnswerLast ticket: 09 Oct, 2019 11:13 · Pablo Borysenco
09 Oct, 2019 11:13
Pablo Borysenco
could not able to show the currency converter on my websiteBy thevertu1 AnswerLast ticket: 07 Oct, 2019 11:19 · Pablo Borysenco
07 Oct, 2019 11:19
Pablo Borysenco
want to install on test siteBy sagarss1914 AnswersLast ticket: 03 Oct, 2019 10:29 · Pablo Borysenco
03 Oct, 2019 10:29
Pablo Borysenco
Geo not workingBy nuzena5 AnswersLast ticket: 01 Oct, 2019 10:35 · Pablo Borysenco
01 Oct, 2019 10:35
Pablo Borysenco
Flags arent working (uploading flags also dont work)By nuzena7 AnswersLast ticket: 24 Sep, 2019 10:46 · Pablo Borysenco
24 Sep, 2019 10:46
Pablo Borysenco
Rupees Currency broken signBy Rajesh3 AnswersLast ticket: 19 Sep, 2019 10:41 · Pablo Borysenco
19 Sep, 2019 10:41
Pablo Borysenco
Product whit no price are selled at 0 in chart!By koppers1 AnswerLast ticket: 28 Aug, 2019 11:46 · Pablo Borysenco
28 Aug, 2019 11:46
Pablo Borysenco
I Installed the demo pluginBy Marcelo5 AnswersLast ticket: 26 Aug, 2019 11:45 · Pablo Borysenco
26 Aug, 2019 11:45
Pablo Borysenco
I don't need it to switch but output all all the same timeBy David1 AnswerLast ticket: 14 Aug, 2019 11:12 · Pablo Borysenco
14 Aug, 2019 11:12
Pablo Borysenco
Bought pro license but my plugin is still free versionBy banpas1 AnswerLast ticket: 28 Jul, 2019 23:35 · Pablo Borysenco
28 Jul, 2019 23:35
Pablo Borysenco
Currency converter doesnt work with W3 Total CacheBy nalin@benworldwide.com3 AnswersLast ticket: 11 Jul, 2019 10:47 · Pablo Borysenco
11 Jul, 2019 10:47
Pablo Borysenco