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wrong price after adding to cart if Is multiple allowed is yes

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hi ,

I'm sing Woocs , when Is multiple allowed set to yes , on currency other than the main one when adding product to cart the price is wrong and is very bigger than real price , but when Is multiple allowed set to no it works fine , but because of local sells this must to be correct.

is there any fix for this ?




This is like a conflict with a third-party plugin.

Read  this  please -


I have read this article so I came here and write for support as you mentioned there : "

Try the plugin in both modes: 'Is multiple allowed' -> as Yes or No. And if your theme works in any of this modes but you not need it - you can write on support."

at all , Thanks for reply


Yes! Correct!  But to solve this problem you need to find a plugin that causes conflict.( )

So  please  disable  all  plugins  except woo+woocs  and  do test.  Activate the plugins one by one