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Wrong Conversion for the shipping cost via aramex

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Hello, the plugin is returning a wrong shipping cost, we are using aramex shipping and it is based in default in AED, the product price conversion is correct but the shipping cost. Can you please help us out.


Looking forward to your reply.


Read  this please -

Hi pablo, we followed the link you suggested and in the link it was posted that we need to post on themeforest. Our client is furious, can you please update us on this and if there is a cost please do inform us.

[WOOCS LABS] Hello, we have a comparability issue with Aramex plugin Shipping cost, the shipping conversion is wrong. Could you please create an adaptation script if possible?

looking forward to your reply, the domain in question is


Adaptation is free, but you need to wait in line.

custom service - in private  data

Ok Pablo, thank you. We attached the private data. Looking forward to your reply.


I added this plugin to the adaptation queue

Ok Thank you Pablo, can we just have an approximate timeline just in order to reply to our client please.

Thank you so much.


We do the adaptation on Fridays. In one day we make 1 or 2 plugins

Your plugin is seventh in the queue

so that's around 4 weeks of waiting, what if we pay, can we speed the process? Honestly the client is already furious and you know how things work Pablo. Looking forward to your reply.



what if we pay, can we speed the process?  - You can order a custom service -

Honestly the client is already furious and you know how things work Pablo - I understand you. But there are 6 more people who also have clients and are waiting in turn