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Wordpress menu item --> GET-request for changing currency

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

Good morning support team,

my goal is that when a user clicks on a standard wordpress menu item"€ EUR", the same logic (GET-request --> without currency parameter in url) is applied as when he clicks on the switcher. As the connection between item and currency is static, it means: item one = EUR, item two = USD and so on. So therefore i would use following script:

jQuery(function () {
jQuery('.menu-item-1').click(function () {
Call GET-request for changing currency to i.e. EUR

This link ( was not fully helpful because if there are already parameters in the URL it will send the user to the front page. Also, I do not want to have the currency parameter in the url.

If this is somehow possible I definitely buy the premium version.


Greetings and thanks in advance!




Please use  standard  currency  switcher  and an option -

To  set  [woocs ] to  the  menu -

Is there no other way because i need different custom design as what is possible with the plugin.

I found the GET-setting so I thought it would be possible to exchange the red highlighted text with the logic that is behind the normal switcher when clicking.


Ok!  Use  this  code as  an example :

var currency = 'EUR';

var data = {
currency: currency
};, data, function (value) {


Thank you very much Pablo for the good support, this is the information I was looking for. :)

I just bought the premium version!


Great! Welcome;)