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Woof Shortcode on other page except Shop

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I am working on site where I integrated Woof premium plugin for wooCommerce product filter, on my shop page it is working fine, I have integrated filter with widget.

on the other page of site I have listing of specials ( On Sales ) products from all categories, I want to integrate product filter on this page which should be related to only specials products, so I have used couple of options with shortcode which I mentioned below, but the count with filter items is not correct and when I select any filter it refresh the page and redirect it to shop page.

[woof by_only="by_onsales"]
[woof autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only="none" by_only="by_onsales"]
[woof redirect="" autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only="none" by_only="by_onsales"]

Can you please look into this and let me know if I missing something?


On this  page to show products, please, use  native  woo shortcodes   OR   -

To  show  correct products and  counts -


add_filter('woof_get_request_data', 'my_woof_get_request_data');

function my_woof_get_request_data($data){
return $data;



Thanks for your reply, I put the same code like you suggested but still I am not getting correct counter and product, Can you please let me know?


Please  activate  extension - - You need to change this code so that it only works on your custom page.  For  example  use  is_page()


I have activated the extension and applied the code in functions files, but still it is not working as expected.

List of issues:

1. Only 3 products shows per page even after I have changed the values for per page parameters.

2. Page 2 is not loading when I click on page 2 from pagination.

3. Counts and filters are not updating as per the sales products only.

Can you please check and help to solve the issue?


1/2 - It only depends on your template.

3 I checked  it - - counters work correctly


I used <?php echo do_shortcode('[woof_products]'); ?> to display products and for filter I used <?php echo do_shortcode('[woof by_only="by_onsales"]'); ?>

If you notice on , after I select size small and then click on page 2 it removes the search filter, can you please let me know how can I prevent this?

Waiting forward for your reply.




I checked  it - - it seems to work correctly


Thanks for sharing video but it is not working on my mac, I wonder on which OS and browser are you checking ?

please check video on

Waiting forward for your reply.



Try to click on the filter button!

My  new  video -   - I don’t know why you made this setting.


Thanks for your reply, I also don't want to set that filter button, so when I set is_ajax to 1 and filter the products, pagination stops working.

so for filter, I use : echo do_shortcode('[woof by_only="by_onsales" autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1]');

and for products, I use : echo do_shortcode('[woof_products is_ajax=1]');

Video Reference :

Can you please let me know what should I need to change in shortcode?


Please  read  this -

 I also don't want to set that filter button -  OK! delete this attribute - ajax_redraw=1

Read this -


Thanks for your reply, I removed that ajax_redraw=1 from shortcode and still I have to click on filter button to filter products, I don't want to submit the form on filter button click it should submit the form when I click on any search parameter, in my case small, medium or large checkbox.

Also, pagination stops working on is_ajax = 1, can you please let me know what should I need to change to make it work?

For more reference, I attached video



Please  update  plugin  to  latest  version.

Check  your wp-admin  access.

Can I disable  plugins/theme  to test?


Thanks for your reply, I updated plugin to latest version, and after that one of my filter is working fine which is size one.

So, when I select any size it works fine and pagination works ok as well but now my second filter which is color filter not working, can you please look into that.

also, I share admin access in private data and you can disable plugin/ theme to test ( I tried to disable theme and enable twentysixteen theme but still in that theme color filter is not working ).



I checked  it - - everything seems to work correctly

on the shortcode page you set again - ajax_redraw=1



No It's not works correctly, I mentioned you to check specific specials page, which is

on specials page size filter works fine but color filter not working, Did you check the video I share on 5th Novemeber?

so just to let you know again, filter is working fine on shop and category pages but it is not working on specials page.

Can you please look into that and let me know?


I created  test  page -

My test -


Thanks for create a test filter, but if you notice on your demo, there is an error showing correct count of products next to size filter.

When you load first time you can see the total 6 products which are on sale and size filter ( small, medium and Large ), you can see the count is 5 which is correct.

Now when you select any filter like color or size, the filter is working fine but after you reset filter, you can see it shows all the products (total products 8 ) not only the specials one.

Also, I want to ask you like shop page when you select any filter it shows selected filter on top left side but why it is not showing on test filter page?

Waiting forwad for your reply.


I can't  check  it -