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Woof Filters and Elementor

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Looks like I don't have access to duplicator -

How do we find out what 3rd party script is causing the issues? - You  can  disable all  plugins( except woocommerce ). Activate  plugins  one  by one  and  do  tests  on category page

It seems Duplicator is not supported for me.

Do you have another plugin you would recommend?


Unfortunately, I cannot recommend another plugin.

In this case, you should do the test when there are a minimum of visitors on your site (for example, at night)

Disable the plugin one at a time and do the test on the category page

Ok, so I started disabling plugins, and found that if I disable Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin then the search function stops working all together.

With jQuery plugin enabled.

Autocomplete and autosubmit enabled it does nothing.

Autocomplete and autosubmit disabled it does nothing.

Autocomplete enabled and autosubmit disabled it finds result, but when selected the selected result does not appear in filtered products.

Autocomplete disabled, and autosubmit enabled when I search result appears correctly.


With jQuery plugin disabled:

Autocomplete and autosubmit enabled search function does not work at all.  (Autosubmit not working, and will not let me manually submit search)

Autocomplete and autosubmit disabled search function does not work at all when I select button to manual submit search.

Autocomplete enabled and autosubmit disabled search function does not work at all. (Autocomplete does not work, and manual button does not work)

Autocomplete disabled, and autosubmit enabled when I search result appears correctly.

This maybe tells you something?


I don't think this plugin can affect search results. This plugin can generate JS errors that will crash  front-end functionality.

Try using a different theme

Changing themes fixed some of the issue it seems.

I can search for example "522004" and the autocomplete brings up the result "522004 Gas Smoker 1-Speed Leeson Convection Motor". I search that and it filters, but that result is on page 6 even though I searched the exact title of the item.

Also, I can try searching "SPK-500 convection motor", and it brings up no results even though the words spk-500, convection, and motor are in the content.  I have it set to search title AND content.  Also tried Title OR Content.


Great! We're getting closer

Try  to  add  it  to  functions.php   and  do a test


return true;