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Woof Filters and Elementor

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I cannot seem to get the filter system to work with Elementor.

I attempted to setup Woof filters without using Elementor, and still cannot seem to get them to work for some reason.

I use Woof on another website, and didnt have any issues using it without Elementor and did not have any issues.

On the elementor page I am using [woof] shortcode for the fitlers and [woof_producuts xxxxxx] for the products.  The products show up, but I can only get it to display 1 column even though i have columns=4, and when I select any filters they are not adjusting the products grid.



Please  fix this errors -

 I can only get it to display 1 column - - These are the styles of your current theme

All fixed.

Thanks, Pablo.

I went ahead and purchased the premium plugin.

Can I get quick search to include attributes with title and content?

I have a tag for different types of products such as "convection motor", and attribute of the model # of the unit "spk-500"

If I search like SPK-500 convection motor the motor for the SPK-500 model doesn't appear.

Maybe i did something wrong =(


Paste your license key here - ->

Sorry, text search doesn't work with taxonomies

If  you  mean -  Try  this  options  -


"Paste your license key here - ->"



Yea, i tried that search function, but it doesn't work well if it doesn't work with attributes.  Neither does the text function.

With the way my CRM integrates into Woocommerce I had to setup my product model #s as attributes for the filtering system to look like I wanted them to.  Or maybe there is a better way I just didn't think of?

I setup the regulator text search and configured it to search by title and content.

I can then search like spk-500 convection motor, and i get 0 results.

The actual product has the words convection motor in the title and content, as well as the spk-500 model # in the content.

Why wouldn't it bring the product up as a result?


Please  drop me  wp-admin access( -> ) I will  check it

Sorry for the delay.  Hurricane Laura got us pretty good.  Trying to finish up resolving this issue.

Added in my wp-admin info as requested.

Thank you!


Please  check  access -

Apparently I didn't finish typing it out for you.

My apologies.

Try now.

Thank you!

Ok, after i updated it again I refreshed then checked private data, and it keeps removing half the password.  Maybe due to my special characters?  Can I contact you a different way to provide the wp-admin credentials maybe?

I added it again, but added spaces between the special characters and it seems to not be erasing part of the password now.  So please use password provided, but do not add the spaces between characters.


Thank you!


Your  settings -   I changet  it -

Result -

Still if I search for example SPK-500 convection to find my convection motor it does not bring up a result for the motor even though the content has the words "spk-500" and "convection" in it.

I assume "content" means the description area on my products?  Does it pull search results from the short and long description areas?  I only have descriptions entered into the short descriptio



this comment was irrelevant so i removed it



I  see - - the result is correct, but for some reason it is not displayed in the quick view.

It looks like a third party plugin is interfering with the search query and changing it.

You have a very strange site setup - - this link should show the convection motors using a woocommerce template, but for some reason here is a shortcode [woof_products] - it is not right

It wouldn't surprise me if I set it up incorrectly.

My shop page is using an elementor "shop" template I created.

As I remember by setting that page as the woocommerce "shop" page the filters were not changing the product grid results.

So I ended up just using a text widget for the sidebar with the filters, and a text widget in the main content area with [woof_products] to display the filtered products, and that worked correctly.

I just now created the same page as a normal page not using a template for my shop page then removed the page from the woocommerce > settings > products options so there is no assigned shop page anymore.

Still getting the same results.

I'm confused how you got the 4 items to show in the results in the image you provided.

I tried to actually perform the search, but I get a bunch of items in the results rather than 4 items like you have shown.


Hello - Please  watch  my  video - - As you can see, in ajax mode, the result is correct (I think because a third-party script cannot intercept this ajax request) But after reloading the page, the result is not correct

And in principle it is not correct (it should not be) to show these products on the category page - - I think the same third-party script affects this

Can  I  disable  plugins/theme   to  test? Or  better  create  clone  of  your  site - - to do   the  test


Yes sir I saw the thing about a 3rd party script.

How do we find out what 3rd party script is causing the issues?

I had not noticed it was displaying the category page... that is definitely not correct.

Yes, sir you may proceed with testing.  I installed the Duplciator plugin for you.