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WOOCS & WooCommerce Product Bundles

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I use WooCommerce Product Bundles to sell 2 products (ie. product A is 10€, product B is 10€) in 1 package with a googd price at 15€.
I sell to France using € and Switzerland using CHF. Price in € is by default.
GeoIP is set up.
Price of package is set up in both devices € and CHF.
Everything is fine for European customers using € device when they reach checkout page with the bundle, price is normal.
Nevertheless, for Swiss customers, with CHF device, whenever they reach checkout page, total is not the one which is supposed to be.
Let's assume 1€ = 1CHF, then at checkout, total should be 15CHF.
But total is 35CHF (bundle (15) + prodcut A (10) + prodcut B (10)).
In total price, only bundle price should taken into account, without prices of individual products A and B.
How to solve this issue please ?


Read  this  please -