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[WOOCS LABS] Problem with Google Merchant Feed

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

Hello, I am using CTX Feed Pro, The feed is generated correctly, and your plugin is compatible.

My default currency is SAR.

in GeoIP, I set my website currency outside KSA, USD, so when google is crawling my website, they website appear in USD.

there is any possibility to disable the GeoIP for crawl ? or maybe when feed is generated maybe we can force the currency in the URL ?

I tried to add ?currency=SAR end of the URL, still appear in USD,  but if i navigate to other URLS price will appear in SAR,

I guess GeoIP is overriding the function in first visit.

do you have any recommendation, how can i generate feed, and force crawlers to see in same currency ?


Very strange! The plugin automatically turns on the base currency when the site is indexed by robots

Please  drop  me  exact  link to  the  issue

So one of google merchant policy, the feed generated shouls be the same when they visit the site, so If you can find a solution, to force the currency with url will be great, in this way i can submit multi feed, each one with currency

For example if this is exist in url GoogleMerchant_Ar_KAS, the currency will be displayed in SAR direcly


We can adapt to generate feeds only in base currency

Okay thanks i understand, but why google is reading my website in USD and not with my base currency ?

When i stop the GeoIP they see it in base currency, i open a chat with google merchant support team and they told me that.

there is any solution?


Please  drop  me  screenshots  of  the  plugin settings

Hello, here is the screenshots


Please paste your license key here - ->

Update  the  plugin  to latest  version -

Hello Pablo, Happy New year,

Plugin is updated to the latest version, and License key, site credentials is added in private section in case you need them.

how can i know if google is reading my currency in Base currency ?


Hello - as described in this article you can make an adaptation request

Please  add  wp-admin+FTP access to  your  test site

I will add this plugin to the adaptation queue


Hello again, yes thata why i added [WOOCS LABS] in the title

Cpanel and wp admin already added in the private section, thanks for your support

Cpanel - Please  add FTP access

FTP credentials added,

Thanks a lot

OK! Thank you

I will write to you as soon as we get the result

I am really sorry for bothering, but was you able to find a solution for google merchant issue ?

because they give me deadline until end of this month


Your turn will be this Friday. And we plan to solve it


I checked  feeds: everything seems to be generated correctly files are downloaded with the correct currency

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Please describe in more detail what should I do to get the error

Hello Pablo,

You are right, the file is generated correctly, and everything is fine, there is no error,

I have custom layout to display the price

In Saudi arabia, I show Price + Vat :

Outside Saudi arabia, I show the price total included the vat. :

and for some countries i show the price in USD based on GeoIP :


My feed is generated in SAR currency, for Saudi arabia country, and i added it in google merchant for Saudi arabia

but when google is crawling my website they see it in USD vat included. ( i guess because the crawl from USA )

Account warned for violation of feed specification: inappropriate currency
What to do
Deadline for resolving the issue: January 25, 2022 3:51:18 AM UTC
Preemptive item disapproval warning for policy or data violation: inaccurate prices (due to inconsistent pricing between the feed and the landing page)
What to do
Deadline for resolving the issue: January 25, 2022 3:51:18 AM UTC

Sorry for bothering, but i was reading your replies here

we are facing same issue, and its seem the plugin for robots not switches to the base currency.

I vote for same feature requested by"neel"

Code that allows google bot to crawl multi currency via URL parameter, as google bot wants that the price in feed and on website should be same

I was chating with google merchant support team, and they said:

I've checked it here and the main reason of warning is the Geo location detector or as you said GeoIP.

We highly suggest you to remove that so it will not cause warnings or possibly suspension since it will always make price mismatch and unsupported currency violations.