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[WOOCS LABS] Compatibility fix with Algolplus "Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce"

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I just installed WOOCS, and it works great except that in checkout almost 10€ is added to shipping cost due to incorrectly calculated VAT. This occurs if both WOOCS and the AlgolPlus plugin "Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce" are activated, and the shipping option is taxed.

You can see an example of the issue here:

The base currency we set in WOOCS is SEK, with conversion to EUR. If we just use SEK then there seems to be no error. I suspect that the shipping VAT is calculated in the base currency, then added without conversion to the cost.

I cannot provide a link easily, because we do not want to accept orders that are taxed so wrongly. I can produce more examples and do tests for you.

If we get this to work, we will certainly buy the Premium version of WOOCS and add USD and GBP as well. The AlgolPlus dynamic pricing plugin has worked very well for us until now, so we would rather not switch to a new one for the sake of WOOCS. I have looked into making a patch myself, but I am not strong at PHP or web development of any kind, and the complexity of these plugins exceeded my ability to handle with confidence. I would gladly assist in your efforts and perhaps learn something.

Thank you for your time.

Marcus Lundberg for Flora-L Design

Hello Marcus

Please  read  this  -

You can create an adaptation request


The post you replied to is my attempt at creating an adaptation request. The information in the WOOCS Labs link is the reason I made the post. Also I have marked it with"[WOOCS LABS]" to avoid misunderstanding, just as described.

If I have made some mistake, please let me know how to properly submit an adaptation request.



You did it right, it's my fault

Please  add  wp-admin+FTP access   to your  test  site - ->

I will add this plugin to the adaptation queue

Thank you. I will add the info soon.


Ok!  Welcome;)


I understand that it is difficult to make predictions about how long it takes to make adaptations, but can you estimate when you will have a chance to look at this? We are very keen to use WOOCS and hope to have it set up before the winter holiday season, do you think it will be possible? Otherwise, we may have to look at alternatives...


More likely next Friday

Super, thanks!



Please  do  a test

In  file - wp-content\plugins\advanced-dynamic-pricing-for-woocommerce\BaseVersion\Includes\Cart\CartShippingProcessor.php - I added a  code -

if (isset($rate->taxes)) {
$taxes = $rate->taxes;
if (!empty($taxes)) {
$new_tax = array();
foreach ($taxes as $order => $tax) {

$sum = $tax * $this->context->currencyController->getRate();

$new_tax[$order] = $sum;


Write to support this third-party plugin, I think the author will add this code in the next version

This is great, thank you! The test seems to work, and I will contact the plugin support and get them to add the code.