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WOOCS and Discount rules compatability issue

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We are using Euro, GBP and USD on our site. For our European site we have WOOCS set to Euros.

We have a Discount rules plugin that allows price discounts when a certain number of an item are bought. However, this only calculates the correct discount when WOOCS>Advanced>Is Multiple Allowed is set to NO for checkout but this means the customer shops in Euros then pays in GBP. We want the discounts to be applied corectly but the customer to be kept in Euro for shopping and at checkout.

Unfortunately as mentioned above as soon as we set multiple allowed to YES in WOOCS the discounts do not add up correctly.

Can you suggest what may be going wrong here and how we can have the correct discounts applied but the customer be kept in Euros throughout the shop and checkout process?

Kind Regards



Actually you can close this ticket. The discount plugin made some suggestions which has fixed the compatability issue.

Thank you

Thank you for cooperation!