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Two differents info icon with different prices!

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Hello, i need help with this issue.. my web page show two differents info icon , the first one with a wrong price change, and the other with the correct one.!

On the other hand, with selectected articles, they don't show my second price set  (in USD).

If anyone could help me i would appreciate it!! i really don't want to unistall this plugin since i like it and at first it works really well!!!

Thanks in advance!



Please  drop me  exact  link to the  issue

Hi Pablo! i'll give you my web page :

I have disable the option to show the info icons (until it works properly), but if you want to see them, i could enable this feature for you to see them for a period of time !!! you could send me a message when you are in my web page and i can enable it then!!

Thanks for your help!!



Hello Veronica

Ok! But it's hard to organize. I can't follow your site all the time.

Do you have  a test  site?

Hi Pablo!!

No, of course i don't want you to follow my site all the time!! jajajaj but I don't know what is the time difference between us!! I'm from Argentina!.

You could send me a message from the site ( I have instant whatsapp call) the moment you can watch it,  and I can enable it then!!, I don't have a test site.. I'm sorry!!

Another option is (in case we have different work hours) that i can enable it at night..  (my night)..

Tell me what you think!!



Hello Veronica

Better  drop  me  wp-admin access - ->  I'll turn it on myself

for your users this does not cause a problem because my timezone is GMT+1

Hello Pablo, i'll turn it on tonight(18/11/21) until your 4:00pm. Hope you could see it!



Hello Veronica

Ok!  - it looks like problems with the icon only in the widget

You are using third party plugins to change the price

Hello Pablo, thanks for your help.  I finally found that  Currency Switcher have some issues with the plugin Variation Swatchers and I have to unistall it.


Ok!  Great!