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The plugin does not filter

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I have installed the plugin but it doesn't seem to work, it doesn't filter well. Here I leave the site:
You can compare it with the top menu that if it works correctly.

Can you please help me?

ufff, I think this plugin doesn't work for me and it won't work for me.
Can you return the money please?


To get a refund you need a reason. Please  drop  me  wp-admin access  I will  check  it.

This plugin filters woo products. On your page I do not see any product. This is a third-party template !!

There I have added the admin access data in the popup.

The reason is that I will not be able to use it if it does not filter correctly


It looks like you will remove my plugin. Please install it and write me

Sorry, it's already installed

I don't want sliders

I want filters by ranges but that each product has its exact attribute.

It is very simple.

Attributes (1 Gb, 2 Gb, 3 Gb, 4 Gb, 5 GB, etc.)

Filters (from 1 to 3, from 3 to 5, etc.)



Looks like it's a problem with the store template. Perhaps third-party functionality removes the search query.

Can  you  disable  infinite scroll and  do test?

I created test page - -  - As you can see, other pages are working correctly.

I've already removed infinite scrolling and it doesn't work either.
The short code of the listing is: [RH_ELEMENTOR id ="208"]
I have to use this template as seen in this link, although the filter can be put on many pages:
But the filter has to work with this REHUB template


But the filter has to work with this REHUB template -  This is a third-party software.  This template has its own search query( ) that doesn’t hear other values.

Perhaps third-party functionality removes the search query. - I made a mistake this template does not hear search queries at all




uff, then there is no solution?
I will not be able to use the plugin?


then there is no solution? - you need customization of a third-party template

I will not be able to use the plugin? - My plugin works correctly with normal templates. So use  another  template

it seems to me that this is not a reply to a client
I will have to use the template that I already have on my site which you are viewing

your last answer is for the money back?


Unfortunately, incompatibility with third-party software is not a reason to refund

We cannot be responsible for third-party code. As I showed you on the video, the plugin works fine with the template of the current theme, as well as with all standard templates.

Especially for these cases, I created a free version of the plugin - but you did not use it...

In any case, if you do not agree with me, please open a dispute on envato.

Thank you for understanding