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The currency converter not working

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I have a website hosted on Kinsta, the plugin works perfectly on staging with their domain, but once on the live site, is not working correctly. I can see the right currency at some places and browser, but it will changed back to base currency after that. It's not consistently displaying the right currency. And it appeared to the listing page showing USD, while the product page showing different currency altogether. Please help. I need to fix this urgently on my live site.

I only have 2 currencies now, MYR and USD. Please let me know what I should provide.


What version of the plugin are you using?

Describe in more detail what I must do to get this error.


I am using Version 1.3.0.

Due to the inconsistency of currency display, is very hard for me to say how to get this error. From what the cloud server told me, their staging site has no caching and live site has cache enabled. Probably this is what make the currency not displaying correctly. I can view MYR in one place in the morning, and when i access it again after clearing the cache, it will show USD (base). It seems like there are something making the plugin not working properly. I have tried to enable the "I am using cache plugin on my site", but still doesn't seems working.

Is there anything like URLs or cookies that can be excluded from the cache system? Or something I need to enable on the server side to make it works?

May I know the difference between the free version of the plugin and the paid version of the plugin?

Let me know which country you are in and I try to create your country currency for you to check and test.

Or let me know if you need the access to the website admin.



Do you know if there is/are specific cookies names or specific URLs that need to be bypassed from that Live Site from caching perhaps?


This plugin does not use cookies. it redraws prices in ajax mode.

I  live  in Spain

Please disable "infinity scroll"


So, it will not affect by server side cache system?

I have included Spain into MYR (Malaysia ringgit), which mean you will see RM as the currency sign if the currency converter is working fine.

May I know where should I disable the infinity scroll. I don't seems to find the option to do that.


I see  - USD

Did  you read  this -

Do  test  with -

 I don't seems to find the option to do that. - I do not know. I think this is in the theme settings

If you lived in Spain, you should see MYR as I put Spain to MYR currency. USD is my based currency, if it doesn't works, you will see USD.

I have read the that article, but i don't understand this instruction

  • open header.php of current wp theme
  • drop there next script on the same bottom of the file:

I have tested the woocs_geo_hello as well


but i don't understand this instruction - Ok!  it does not matter

I have tested the woocs_geo_hello as well - Great!  Please  add  this  shortcode  [woocs_show_current_currency]   -  I will check  it