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switcher not displaying

(new from 01-07-2019)

ok, we managed to fix the server error but the switcher is no being displayed anywhere. Nothing in the top header and the prices simply have no currency symbol.

The site is at and we have four languages installed. We also have WPML that has its own multicurrency option but we have switched this off.

How can we get this to work?


to  add  switcher  -

OR  use  side switcher -

the prices simply have no currency symbol :

Please drop  me  wp-admin access.  Paste  it  here -


We have saved the login details for WP.

We have everything activated but the currency switcher is changing any of the currencies for any of the products.

Look forward to a resolve.



You installed the wrong plugin.  You  need  WOOCS - woocommerce currency switcher

Read  this  please -