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Speedup loading time or cache woocs

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When a page is loading, woocs takes a long time to load on every page.
How can I cache it so it doesn't request every time? I am already using a caching system but that does not affect woocs.

I added a video to show the issue, emulated a slow internet. Links in private.


Please don't use a smart designer  and  do a test


OK, I tried feels about the same, links in private.


From my side, everything is loaded quickly.

In any case, I do not think that drawing one dropdown can slow down your site. This plugin only makes one database request on page load

Please  drop  me  wp-admin access - -> -  I will  test  it

Many of my visitors have slow internet it looks like. I attached another video showing a screen recording of one of the users. Links in Private.


Drawing of a drop down occurs after the page is fully loaded.  If the user has a bad Internet, then the page loads slowly. In this case, I cannot do anything, because the reason for the slow loading of the page is the site optimization.


That is exactly my point. Is there a way to cache that dropdown menu?
It doesn't have to wait, because it is only a simple dropdown switcher. It's not a dynamic dropdown or anything, always the same options.



It looks like I didn’t explain it well.

Is there a way to cache that dropdown menu - you can cache a dropdown, you can display ten dropdowns, you can remove it  - it will not affect the page load speed

JS which shows dropdown and initiates click events (this cannot be cached) - works after the page is fully loaded, it is very important to find all the dropdowns in the content

OK how about we make it a priority to display the menu first, I could add the script at the header so it executes first. Do you think that is possible? If yes what script or function is it?

It's impossible. Drop down should appear first -


I have an issue.

Suddenly the currency changed from the default"$" to"KD" for new users when they come to the shop page. But when they visit a product page then it's correct"$" again.

I didn't change any settings. Now all users see that"KD" currency by default when vising my shop.

What is causing this? It happened before in the past changing from"$" to"SR". It is kind of random. Can you please help? Links are in private.


My  test  -

The user sees the"Welcome currency" OR GeoIP on the first visit. Next, the user sees his last currency

It's not working for me and most of my website users, it's random every time, now OM is the welcome currency.

Do you want me to record a screen?

Does page caching has any effect on this? I purge the cache but no luck.

Please use incognito mode. Phone if possible. I will try to record a full session video also.

I recorded a video, please have a look at it. It is important for me. Link in private.


First, please watch this video -

Update  the plugin  to  latest version -

This behavior looks like a conflict with the caching plugin. Please  check  options -  AND

And do a test

It's OK on products detail pages after I enabled the cache option + PHP session.
But the shop page (all products ) still shows the wrong currency for people.

What do you think is still missing?
Do I disable geoip?


Please  update  the  plugin  to latest  version -

And  do a test