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Some products showing in wrong valuta, cache issue

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Im using the plugin for a long time now, never had any issues, but lately i found out that the prices are bugged..


Im using two product grid plugins, jetwoobuilder and wpgridbuilder, and on the products of wpgridbuilder, the list on the homepage for example, when being cached, the products load in pounds even tho im in europe and standard valuta is euro as well, all other products are fine, when i do a 'load more' the prices of the next loaded products are also fine, i tried all settings but i was unable to fix this problem.

Im using Nitrocache plugin, i was hopeing you could help me out..


Please  drop me  exact  link to the  issue

Exact link with the issue:

Products that show in grid are corect, thats jetwoobuilder products grid
Products on the buttom of the site, desktop and mobile, show in pounds, those are called via wpgridbuilder. Upon pressing 'load more' the new loaded products are loading correctly.. - these are not standard prices and if the page is cached the plugin cannot redraw these prices in ajax mode

Satndard  prices -

Custom  prices -

Okay, but how can i fix this issue?


Contact support for this third party plugin. Ask them to change the price display template