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Showing wrong initial currency when woocommerce cookie not used

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Hi there,

I have had some issued with Cloudflare not caching my site as there is a woocommerce cookie flagging in the header:

[b]set-cookie: wp_woocommerce_session_81dc0fdc61d80aa595445a5ce1a395bf=0684cf68aeb232fa70dac3a7e0205dda%7C%7C1629376250%7C%7C1629372650%7C%7Cc4a542089cf0d958abd01ef0748cedfe; expires=Thu, 19-Aug-2021 12:30:50 GMT; Max-Age=172800; path=/; secure; HttpOnly
[/b]vary: Accept-Encoding

I contacted my shopping cart plugin developer and they suggested we disable the below function:

	public function maybe_set_session() {

		if ( is_user_logged_in() || is_admin() ) {

		if ( isset( WC()->session ) ) {
			if ( ! WC()->session->has_session() ) {
				WC()->session->set_customer_session_cookie( true );


I did this and it sorted out the cookie flag in the header and cloudflare started caching again correctly

However, after doing this if I load the site in a fresh browser or incognito window, the WOOCS currency 
switcher defaults to USD (it would show GBP before as I am in the UK). The default currency in the plugin 
is GBP too. Assuming you are using the cookie mentioned above that was suppressed?

Can you think of a way around this? I have had to revert back to using the function above but it means that I cant get cloudflare 
full caching to work which drastically slows down my site




Hello Gabrielle

Assuming you are using the cookie mentioned above that was suppressed? -  No!

Please  read this -

Check  options   -

Thank you, I will give those options a go



Hi Pablo,

I have been having issues recently with UTM URLs with spaces or %20 in them causing redirects and users getting the error message"too many redirects" and"this page isnt redirecting properly". Siteground support have worked out that its a problem with me setting Woocommerce > General > Default Customer Location > Geolocate (with caching support). If that is set, there is an issue between URLs with spaces (being used from ad platforms etc) and Cloudflare Full Page Cache. So at the moment I have had to switch it off.

They also flagged that Cloudflare Full Page cache wasnt working as the below cookie was being set on site load by the WOOCs plugin (below from header scan):

Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=7464ce7854653c05ac4cdb54b6b2a85b; path=/

If a cookie is set, then Cloudflare full page cache will bypass.

So, instead of setting Currency Storage to"PHP Session" I have changed it to Memcache (assuming it was this setting adding the cookie above?)

So, now I am testing my site. From the UK the WOOCS plugin seems to default to GBP correctly.

However if I use to check other locations in Europe, the homepage is set to GBP (when it should be EUR). Strangely my /Shop page is set to EUR correctly.

I also have a /test page that I added the shortcode [woocs_geo_hello] to and that seems to always display the correct country

What could be causing the homepage currency to not match other pages?







Hi there, have done some more testing and have an update.

I have now set Woocommerce > General > Default Customer Location > to "Geolocate" (without caching support)

I have signed up to a VPN, and when I check my site all appears ok with homepage and shop page now showing the correct same currency

If I use however, every country will appear as EUR, and my /test page that has [woocs_geo_hello] on it will show a geolocation of Spain for every country tried (even Japan).

Since everything seems ok when using a full VPN, I am hoping this is all setup correctly? Would it be possible to check at your end?

I cant set WooCommerce Geolocate to caching support, but maybe Siteground Dynamic Cache + Cloudflare Full Cache works without this set? It seems to from my end




Please  drop  me  a link to  this test  page/(add  shortcodes: [woocs_geo_hello] [woocs_show_current_currency])

Have added the second shortcode and added the URL of the test page into the Private Data section






I did  a  test -  -  Woocommerce cannot determine the current user location with your settings

In fact, my plugin correctly set the EUR currency for Spain.

In your case, you need to eliminate the incompatibility between Woocommerce and the caching plugin. And unfortunately it doesn't depend on my plugin.

We cannot do anything while woocommerce is not correctly detecting the location. Because our plugin takes data from woocommerce


Hi there,

I have done some more testing with different VPN locations with some interesting results

  • If I go to the homepage or /shop page first, I see the currency switch quickly to the correct currency.
  • If I then go to /test woocommerce this shows the correct location (sometimes needs a refresh)

However, if I clear my cache and:

  • Go to the /test page first, woocommerce shows location  mostly as Spain (no matter which country I am connecting from)
  • If I then go to /Shop or Homepage the correct currency is shown

The above is true with a USA or Canadian VPN too, go to /test first then its incorrect most of the time. But then go to /Shop or Homepage and currency correctly switches to CAD.

It looks like maybe if a product price is shown on the page, that this then kicks the GeoIP into being correct? My /test page contains no products or prices, whereas the homepage and /shop pages do. Or is there another issue with the test page shortcodes or something else going on?

On the surface of it, no matter what country VPN I use, the products always show with the correct currency.  But with the /test page not always being correct it is slightly worrying






It is possible. My plugin redraws prices in Ajax mode if the page is cached. But in order not to waste the server resource, this does not happen if there are no products on the page

And it shouldn't work if woocommerce can't determine the user's location.

Try  to add  product  om  test page :

[products limit="1"]

I tried adding products to the test page but that didnt help

It still seems quite inconsistent. Most of the time it seems to work fine, but sometimes seems to keep the cache of the wrong currency.

How do I disable the GeoIP functionality for the plugin, so it always defaults to GBP but just lets users switch manually? If we do that will it keep to this currency for their whole session?




Ok!  Try  to set -

Delete  all  GeoIp  rules -