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Shortcode in AJAX filtering using [mdf_results_by_ajax]

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I filter my posts by AJAX using [mdf_results_by_ajax] shortcode. In my custom template for output search results I use shortcode, which generate some content.


But after filtering posts I see only shortcode string itself but not the content which this shortcode should generate.


Please, can you help me, that I can see content generated by my shortcode after filtering posts by AJAX?


Thank you,



Hello David

what shortcode are you using  -

Please drop  me exact  link to  the  issue

Hello, Pablo.


This is code from my php file with [mdf_results_by_ajax] shortcode:


<?php echo do_shortcode('[mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode="mdf_custom template=template/'.$mdf_template.' post_type=post orderby=rehub_review_overall_score order=desc meta_data_filter_cat='.$katalog_filtrovani_kategorie.' taxonomies=category+761^category+'.$katalog_filtrovani_term.'"]');?>


In my custom template for output search results ($mdf_template in the code above) I use my custom shortcode which generate list of stores offers in popoup window.


This is the code of my custom shortcode which I use in custom template for output search results:


<?php echo do_shortcode('[content-egg-block template=custom/all_merchant_widget post_id="'.$postid.'" limit="10"]');?>


This is how the output search results looks like before filtration by AJAX:


After click on button"POROVNAT CENY" in the search results, this is how the list of stores offers in popoup window looks like before filtration by AJAX:


And this is how the list of stores offers in popoup window looks like after filtration by AJAX:


You can see, that after AJAX filtration, my list of stores offers in popoup window display only as shortcode string.

[content-egg-block] - it looks like this third-party plugin doesn't activate this shortcode for ajax requests


Yes, I think so.


Can you advice me, how to activate this shortcode for ajax requests, please?

Or can you point me to some information, how to do this?

I searched whole internet, but all I did was without success.


But in this case, you need to contact the support of a third-party plugin.

Maybe third party plugin doesn't register shortcode if conditions are is_admin()  - the point is that the ajax request occurs through wp-admin.php