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Settings not saving in premium version

(new from 01-07-2019)

Hi.  I've purchased and installed the premium version of the plugin.  I manage to get an API key for the Free Currency Converter, started adding Currencies and all was working well.  But I'm trying to add every currency rate available because the site is very, very international and people can purchase from literally anywhere in the world.  Working in alphabetically order, starting from "AWG", I've managed to get as far as "MVR" (90 currencies including the Base currency (NZD)).

But now, having gotten that far, I can no longer save any more currencies or settings or anything.  If I add more currencies and save, the newly added currencies don't save and just disappear.  Not only that, my selection of the Free Currency Converter and the API key, etc, and all other settings have all cleared and will no longer save if I re-set them either!

What's going on here???


Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access -


When you log in to check things out, you'll need to first go to "Plugins".  Disable the "WooCommerce Multi-currency" plugin and enable your plugin.

We're working on replacing the "WooCommerce Multi-currency" plugin because it doesn't work with shipping rates set by the "Weight-based Shipping" plugin and neither developer is willing to make changes necessary to get it working.  But the developer of the "Weight-based Shipping" plugin told us that your plugin does work with theirs, so we tested it and found that this is indeed true.  But while we're trying to sort out this one little issue of data not saving with your plugin, we've had to temporarily re-activate the "WooCommerce Multi-currency" plugin.

Hi again.  Hold off doing anything for now.  I think I might have found the issue.  I've seen a similar issue to this with another plugin once before and it looks like it might have been because the "max_input_vars" setting in php.ini was set too low to handle the quantity of data I was trying to throw at it.

I've increased it to "5000" and it appears to be working fine again now.


ok! Great!