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Search text in ACF field

(new from 01-07-2019)
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I need some advice on how to search wp_postmeta / meta_value.
I used ACF text field to describe the product and mdf textinput will not find the words. Apparently searches only in wp_content. I need advice on how to set up the search in wp_postmeta.
Thank you


Hi, so I found a solution in Reflect value from meta key, but I need to enter more values - how do I separate them?

pr_titulek_produktu pr_popis_produktu pr_prinosy_pro_pacienta


not sure I understood you correctly.

Create  more  filters -

Hi, here's what I mean -!AvNzoIbJEahegSM_V3RC0brKig55


Unfortunately, it is possible to add only one meta key.