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Search Result Site Issues with current Theme

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Hello all,

first: super cool widget! :)

We finally want so switch to the new plugin, unfortunately the problem is still the same with our theme. (it works fine with other themes but we cannot change our theme ;/)

Somehow the Search Results are not displayed when I do a test search under my testsite:

I noticed that template from search.php (search) to index.php

Do you have any recommendation on that or similar cases. Everything works fine but the search result page isn’t created.

Thanks so much!

PS: With the “old” plugin it works fine with our theme & same settings:

Hello  - You did not configure the plugin.

Please  watch  video -  AND

To  test  try -

Thanks for fast reply,

the settings i already made in"mdf setting" so i think these should be used if emty in the shortcode settings. But even with your changes it doesnt work (the shortcode box as well as widget search box on right side)

I always get all (2) posts displayed in the search result list and not only these matching criterias. Also, it is not the correct seach template for result page which works on my site with the old plugin (with same settings):  Search Results with"search" template and old plugin

Somehow it seems not using the search template correctly (?) which causing the trouble, hope you can help!



In this case, it depends on the current theme.  This plugin does not have its own templates, the filter uses the templates of the current theme.

And the result depends on how the current theme makes queries to the database to receive posts.

If you want to use filter templates -


Hey & Thanks, is there any way you make an inspection on out current theme? Would be great. Also paid if necessary! Best


Your theme has only this template of  the  posts - - You can only display results in this form.

Hello again & Thanks, but:

  1. Why is it then working with old plugin
  2. The search results are not correct, there seems to be an issue. (when you have 1 matching post within search it still shows both posts as search results).



I answered  you  on  email