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Search input field results issue

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Hi there,
I'm having an issue with the Search field.

For example if I search for something like"Why is Talking About Money So Hard" (without quotes) on this page it shows up on Page 3 even though it is the exact title.

There seems be some issue with the way it is weighting matches.

It does give better results if we restrict the textinput to only the title, but then the content isn't searched.

I think the exact matches should be weighted higher compared to partial matches.

Here are the settings:


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have a sorting function

I think it should more closely match the default Wordpress input search which seems to give more relevant results. Is there a way this can be improved?

Example using the default search:


Please drop me  a screenshot of the  text  filter setting

I do not see any setting with the name"text filter" I attached the textinput settings in the above screenshot.


Sorry I didn't notice this

please  check  option -

If  no  luck  try  to  add  in  functions.php this code:


return false;


I know it can be restricted to title only, but that would mean the content will not be searched. Both should be searched and exact matches should be prioritized like the built in search.

The standard WP search also searches the description but prioritizes exact matches over partial matches so the way the search results are ordered makes more sense.


Did you try  this code - ?