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Sale Times Not working

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I'm using this plugin to schedule sales and when I enter a date, the date actually changes to something else. I'm wondering if this is a time zone issue. The time entered doesn't seem to align with the settings within Wordpress. I'm in Hawaii.

Thank you




I passed it to the developers, he will check it. I will write to you as soon as we get the result

Thank you. I also wanted to mention that there is no way to 'clear' the sales price.  You can only enter zero.  When you do a bulk edit, and change the first item to zero, it works on all the items except the first one. The first item will show on the front end as being ON SALE for $0.  If I edit the other items, it shows that the sale price field is blank.




Please read  this -


I'm wondering if this is a time zone issue.  - The developer said that the code takes into account time zones. please  add  FTP access I  will check your case

Ok, I've added the FTP access to the private data.


Please  do test

Ok, I think it is working now but I'll be sure at the end of the month when our sales change. Then I'll know if it is following the correct time zone.

Thank you for the bulk editor link for sale prices. Is there way to edit just one product's sale price to set it back to empty or do you always have to use the bulk editor?


Thank you!


Yes set it as   -1 ( )


Hi,  The sale times are still now working. I just used the bulk editor to schedule a bunch of sales to start Aug 1st-Aug 15th.  But when you edit an individual product it shows the scheduled dates as July 31-Aug 14th. It is still one day off.

Please let me know when you can fix this. Thank you.


Very  strange!  I cannot repeat this error.( Before my fix I saw this error ) -

Try  in  file  -\plugins\woocommerce-bulk-editor\classes\models\products.php  add  this  code -  and  do test If  no  luck delete  this  code

$value += 36000;


First of all, if you make ANY changes to the website you MUST change it back.  You put a product on sale and then didn't remove it. That's not ok!

Second, I don't know php so why are you having me do YOUR work of fixing YOUR plugin?  I changed the php and it did nothing so I changed it back.

Lastly, your video doesn't show me anything so I have no idea what you are talking about.

Here are some screenshots so you can see the problem.... This image shows the sale date August 1-15th:

But when you edit the individual products it shows different dates (1 day off)...




 You put a product on sale and then didn't remove it.  - I changed the data that was already there !!! I haven't added anything new!    I changed the date from 31.07 -14.08 to 1.08 -15.08  to test. After that I returned this data on the video to show you that the date changes correctly -

so why are you having me do YOUR work of fixing YOUR plugin?   -??? Wordpress may not be configured correctly. And I asked you to do this to hard-code the time zone correction! On my side, everything works correctly, so I asked to insert one line of text and if it does not help you quickly delete it.

As I understand it now, I see the correct data here -





'As I understand it now, I see the correct data here -'

This makes no sense. The dates are not the same.

'I changed the date from 31.07 -14.08 to 1.08 -15.08'

This also doesn't make sense because I set the dates from Aug 1-15, not July 31-Aug 14.  That is what I keep telling you.

Just so we are clear... in this picture:' the two dates are NOT the same and they should be the same if it was working correctly.

You probably can't see the issue because you are in a different time zone.


Please do not edit the date. I work on your site


Please  do test . My  video -

No, It is still not working correctly.  Yes, the dates are the same in both places now, but I waited until the sale was live to confirm everything. This morning (August 1st) I checked on all the sales and this is what I saw....  It shows on sale but the amounts are NOT on sale (Originally $12 - On Sale for $12).

I double-checked information in your plugin and it shows the correct information so it SHOULD be working but it is NOT:

ONLY when I changed the Date from Aug 1st, BACK to July 31st, did it work...

So as you can see the DATE function is STILL not working. It is 1 DAY OFF.  I had to spend over an hour of my client's time & money today fixing all of the dates for the sale that is now live.


My plugin is editing fields and cannot affect functionality.

If this data is changed on the product side, enabling the discount is already woocommerce functionality.

You  can  disable  my plugin  and  do a test . My  video -

There isn't anything wrong with woocommerce.   Everything works correctly when I manually schedule sales directly within each individual product page.  The only error happens when YOUR plugin connects to woocommerce.  When I schedule sales using your plugin, ONLY THEN does it trigger the wrong dates within woocommerce.