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Results not loading?

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Trying this several ways, can't seem to get it to work.

  1. Widget
    On this page after hitting"filter" button a new page loads -- is there any way to get this to load in the same page? I tried Ajax options but that doesn't seem to work -- loads without any submit button but still in a new page. The [meta_data_filter_results] shortcode is on this page, not sure why it loads a new page instead of loading in this space?
  2. Shortcode
    On this page trying to use the shortcode -- first of all, why is it showing no items in those taxonomy blocks? It is pulling the correct list of categories, but showing 0 in all categories? There are many items there! Second, same issue where on hitting Filter button it loads a new page instead of loading items in the same page.
  3. Static Output
    Is it possible to create a shortcode that will have preset filter options and just generate the output without showing the filters? So if I want to create like a"related resources" section on a page, have a way to have all items in Category A show up there, without have the user filter them?

Thank you for any help!

I think this plugin wasn't working well for me, I found another plugin that did what I needed to do much more simply. Sent a request for refund on but wanted to post here so you didn't have to waste time responding to this support query. Thank you.



But unfortunately this is not a reason to the  refund