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Regarding Product updating through CSV Files.

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Hello Sir,

I want to update product through CSV File. But others Country Currency is not updating. please help me to update this. This Feature is working in WooCommerce Price Based on Country (Basic) plugins. please implement this Features in this plugins also I have too much product to update. if it happens it will great help for us.

Thank You


Please describe the problem in more detail!  If you mean fixed prices. Then import them as meta fields


Hi Team,

Thank you for your help!

We tried to upload CSV File, however we are facing the difficulties to import Currency, where in we have different currency enabled in the website as are selling the product country wise and we have the currency switcher, as the auto currency switcher is enabled we could not able to get the actual currency as its not visible after uploading the csv it shows blank.

Here you have the example.

We are selling the product in USA hence we enter the currency in USD and convert the base currency to INR and enter that in base currency field, however after uploading the csv file only the base currency is visible and the USD is hidden.

I am attaching the csv file and screenshot.

If you would like to access our website I will share you the credentials so that you work on that.

Looking forward for hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards
Mithilesh Kumar

Hello Mithilesh

Not sure if my plugin has anything to do with it.

In which fields do you enter prices?

If you changed the base currency to INR ( )  - Of course the price will be displayed in this currency -

Where it should be displayed ?


Can I get your Mobile Number So, I can explain to you properly.

I have more than 50000 product to update through CSV files. But through CSV files I am able to upload Fixed Price. Like USD 999, CAD 899, AUD 699, EUR 1099

but due to currency exchange, it is coming USD 945, CSD 894, AUD 649, EUR 759 But I don't want these prices. I want to be at a fixed price. but while import them as meta fields these fields are not updating, Ex:

Regular priceSale priceMeta: _woocs_regular_price_USDMeta: _woocs_regular_price_EURMeta: _woocs_sale_price_USDMeta: _woocs_sale_price_EUR

Can you set manual like this Plugin WooCommerce Price Based on Country (Basic)

No Updates!


To  update  this  fields  try  it -

Watch video please -  AND  read  this -

Hi Sir,

Are there plugins that having features in that Description should come default when we select Categories. Because we have to update the same Descriptions again and again. Simply it will take too much space. Please helps to find these features plugins.

Thank You

Hello Mangates

Unfortunately I do not have such information