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Product added to cart shows zero pricing but checkout shows correct pricing

(new from 01-07-2019)
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We have discovered what appears to be a bug. Information if below:

Something strange is happening: a customer for S71, the Swedish Club, has reported an issue where the price of a product changes to 0 when viewed in the basket.

I have run a test using VPN and also get the same results.


  • Selected Female hotpants – price shows as €14.25 - €17.56
  • Selected size 11/12
  • Added 1 to basket, mini cart shows price as €14.25
  • Viewed cart price shows as €0.00
  • Go to checkout and it shows correctly.

I attach the screen shots for reference – I ran the test twice as I didn’t believe it the first time, so screen shots show 2 items totaling €28.50


Please  paste wp-admin access -

Update  plugin to latest  version -

This has been added. Thanks


this is a conflict with a third-party plugin  - WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options

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