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Problems with Avada theme

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I think that I need your help.
Everything points to a conflict between “Avada” theme ( ) and the "Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter" extension.

Component Versions:
AVADA Version: 6.0.2
MDTF Version 2.2.6

Problem one:
PHP errors that appear in search results at the bottom of the page when searching for data using the above mentioned component in the sidebar widget.
All the necessary information can be found in the directory: Case1-PHP Errors

Problem two:
When you open the "Fusion Builder Live" editor, an error message appears:
"Unknown Eror Occured"
All necessary information can be found in the directory: Case2-Frontend Editor Error

The "MyEnvironment" file contains some details related to my dev environment.
Unfortunately at the moment I'm using a local server, so remote access to my environment is impossible.

Please let me know where to put the Envato licence details and private link to archive that contains all required data.

Best Regards,





private data updated :-)

Update # 2 :-)

After reading threads on this forum I set following settings for MTDF Widget:

Results output page link: self
Results output template: self

It seems that it fixed first problem: I cannot see PHP warnings after this change, so it means that, so currently I have only one problem ( described as "problem two" )

For your convenience I will include link to copy of my dev site performed by Duplicator software.

Kind Regards,


Update #3,

Unfortunately, the method described in the previous post does not work properly.
It does not display PHP warnings, but at the same time it displays all records instead of filtering data.

So all the problems described in post 1 are open.

Kind Regards,


Please  drop me  screenshots   of  MDTF settings( widget ) .

Try to use mdtf templates  and  shortcode  [mdf_custom ]-


Hello Pablo,

Here you are:

I'm not sure how to use templates. Can you help me ?
I need a solution to filter on demand the full recipes list. I'm using custom taxonomies and selecting it from MDTF widget as a checkbox.



Please  watch  video -


Thanks for the advice I will try to follow the guides, and will let you know the result.


ok! I'm waiting for your answer

Hello Pablo,
I did everything according to the documentation and I have still PHP warnings:

Please see PHP error log:

Please let me know if you need current backup of my project (it isn't deployed to the web so far).



Try  in  file - \plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\search_panel_terms.php

change code -

foreach ($html_items as $key => $val) {

Hello Pablo,
After modifications I still have PHP warnings. Please see attached.


But there are no errors in my plugin

Yes, I know, but this problem only occurs when the widget with your plugin is active.
I would be very grateful for your help.


Ok!  Please share me the latest  clone of your site

Please see private data.
Once again I would like to thank you for the help.


Unfortunately, I can not find the reason of this error.

It's  very strange!

This error occurs even when I make a simple request:  In file  - \wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\meta_data_filter.php ( )

Try  to use  custom  template -