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Problems filtering

(new from 01-07-2019)
If you not got email within 24 business hours, firstly check your spam box, and if no any email from the support there - back to the forum and read answer here.
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Hi there,

I have problems with this plugin when I try to filter by one or more of the categories. In the case where the result of products once filtered is greater than that of a page and should be displayed on more pages, the rest of the products no longer appear. Page 2 is blank and the character "0" appears in the upper left. Apart from the fact that not all products appear on page 1 until the page is completed, in the line below only one product appears instead of the 3 as I have configured the template (Flatsome).
Do you know what this error may be due to?

Thank you,


Please paste your license key here - and  wp-admin access - I will  check  it

Hi Pablo,

Apologies, I haven't purchased the plugin so i haven't the license key. I'm using this plugin for free, well, just discovering.

Anyway many thanks for your response,


Hello Francisco

 so i haven't the license key - Ok! I will try  to help you without a license.  Drop me  wp-admin access - I will  check  it


Hi Pablo,

Sorry about the late reply, but i have had technical problems. I would appreciate your help very much.

What country do you work from? i explain: i must enable your country for access to the administrator desk. Right now there are only a few countries enabled for security reasons.

Hope hearing from you soon, thanks.


Hello Francisco  (Spain)

Hello Pablo,

Perfect, i have created a temporary Admin user for your support. These are the data:

USER:  Pluginus Support

PASSWORD:  zsT$Qs61960IyRsWI$hz1IUg

If you have any problem to access let me know.

Many thanks,



Hi Pablo again,

Sorry, I had forgotten the url: