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Price doesn't update in shop or category page

(new from 01-07-2019)
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Hello team WOOCS realmag777. I’m adjusting some prices on my products, and I noticed that something happened in the last update because if I modify the price this does not show on the store page or product category page but if you click and enter to the single product page here displays the price modification.

Thanks a lot (I dont use cache plugin), I already activated button cache plugin but ir doesnt work.


Please  clear transient -

And paste  link to your  site

Hi @pavlo_borysenco

I'd already tried the same thing, I deleted and it still didn't work for me.

I pasted the link of my site in the field "private data for this topic"

Thanks a lot!


Please  update  plugin to latest version -

And  do test

My site already had this set up.

but the plugin doesnt display any update available . latest version is 2.3.0



Please check  it -

Hi @pavlo_borysenco, yes now this product and others change the price but if you try to change again any product happend the same.



this is incompatible with the current theme

I disabled -

Do test please

Hi @pavlo_borysenco

Yes, you're right, for now I'll leave it that way, thank you very much, the strange thing is why before it worked? it came working well.




the strange thing is why before it worked? - Unfortunately, I do not know. It looks like the theme uses caching for pagination