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PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA Plugin Incompatibility

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I currently have the plugin called "PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA" managing products having custom text information added to variable products. This allows the Customer to write in unique information that applies to the custom product.  When this plugin is loaded, the WOOCS plugin does incorrect currency conversion on the Cart and Checkout page. This only happens when WOOCS is set to "multiple allowed". If  "multiple allowed" is turned to "no", which is how it is currently set, it calculates correctly.  But when I turn "multiple allowed" to "Yes" the cart and checkout page calculate incorrectly:  Specifically it applys the currency conversion twice. For example:

Something that cost 10GBP, should cost about $12 in USD. But it shows up as $14 USD in the cart.

Is there a way to prevent the currency conversion from being doubled on the cart  and checkout page when "multiple allowed" is set to "yes"?


The site I am working on is:

Thank you for your attention on this.


Please read this -

Got it. I see that "PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA" is not on the list of compatible plugins.

Can you make it compatible?


Or is there a script I can add to stop it from doing the calculation twice on the cart page? It calculates correct on the product page. I'm an advanced Wordpress user.


Yes of course we can make it compatible -

Please  add wp-admin+FTP access -

I will add this plugin to the adaptation queue