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Plugin doesn't work well with W3 Total Cache

(new from 01-07-2019)
support doesn work on saturdays and sundays, so some friday requests can be answered on monday

Hi, plugin does not work well with the W3 Cache, when currency is switched from USD to EUR, only the range price change its currency, but the product price stuck at USD currency.

I have already turned on "I am using cache plugin on my site" ,


This still stuck in USD $20.90

It won't have this problem if I turn on GET data link, but this is because it bypass the W3 Cache.



which plugin does this functionality? Disable  this and do test

hi, thanks, will try it out.  Please read the private data for private message that I wrote.

Hi, that plugin is important to us, also it's used by many stores, would it be possible to make your currency switcher support that ? Please read my message in private data for details.


Read  this  please -