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PDF attachment from pdf already attached

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.


I recently purchased an extension for displaying PDF files in my table so that user can click and view the  pdf file. i am facing following issues to get desired result...


  1. In our  site we have previously attached pdfs in post which is embedded through PDF embedder plugin, ( my question is how can we get those pdf attachment in table through this extension , because these are more then two  thousands pdfs in attached within posts.

Thanks and regards


Hello Anil

You  can create  custom  column  -  and  use  shortcode - [pdf-embedde ]

Thanks  ,

I am trying this code,

Meanwhile one more thing, when i attached pdf by table on attachment it is directly downloading on click, can we display this in browser  on click.




I tried the code  as per"Ask me" snippet but getting error in the  page,  i am sending those urls in PM

I followed these steps,

1.copied and modified code as for iframe url ( sent in in private message)

2, created tableon templet blank page.

3. used that  templet page url in  iframe code in"ask me"code snippet

4.selected"ask me" in custome column i=name in table .

but didn't work

Please have a look on my code and suggest how can i get pdf view of individual posts in table.






To get  license  key - ->

Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -

and  drop  me exact  link to the  issue


I purchased this attachment extension directly from your website i don't have license key from code canyon

I shared Order id etc already in Private Messages.


I will share link again with admin login access

for testing I uploaded  pdfs in top three post in tables they should be open on clicking  pdf button. please do needfull,


Thanks and regards


Hello Anil

Ok! You should  paste  link  to  PDF  file  here -

Please  drop me  screenshot  of  your  code


Hi here is the link for code

I think  i need to clarify it again.

I have a different pdfs embedder with each post, I want those pdfs in table in Custom PDF column here  how can i achieve this.


(P.S. Here in above  table: I embded  unique pdf with each post , which should be displayed in customs column named PDF.)




Hello Anil

I understood you

But are you sure there is a PDF on this link - - My  test  -  - as you can see this link does not display PDF

Hi, Pablo

Yes there is pdf attached with the post. 1345,






I checked there is nothing on this link - -